#2 September 2016new

SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA Progress Meeting with Indonesian team 2-3 September 2016, BMKG, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Prof Fredolin visited SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA Indonesian team from 2-3 September 2016 and had a discussion on various issues especially those related to required analysis of model outputs for presentation in the upcoming Hanoi SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA workshop. Congratulation to Indonesian team for initating the model output analysis!!

Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Director General, Dr Andi Eka Sakya, made a surprise visit during the meeting and reiterated BMKG commitment to continue supporting SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA activities. BMKG has played an important role in SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA development since at the initial stage of this collaborative project. Dr. Andi also reiterated BMKG committment to archive SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA model data for their Climate Data Center, which will cater the WMO Region V community (South-West Pacific region). Indonesia is the current Chairman of the World Meterological Organization (WMO) Regional Association (RA) Region V.

Thank you BMKG for your great support!!!



#29 August 2016new

SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia 4th Workshop, 24-25 November 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam

The 4th Workshop of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia will be hosted by Prof Phan Van Tan of VNU University of Science and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanh Ngo-Duc of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi from 24-25 November 2016. On 23 November 2016, a side meeting on Statistical Downscaling (SD) in CORDEX Asia will be held. For more information regarding this workhsop, please download 1) Workshop brochure, 2) Registration form.

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

1. Prof. Dr. Phan Van Tan (VNU University of Science) (Chairman)
2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanh Ngo-Duc (University of Science and Technology of Hanoi)
3. Ms. Nguyen Tuyet (VNU University of Science)
4. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh (VNU University of Science)
5. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh (VNU University of Science)
6. Ms. Pham Thanh Ha (VNU University of Science)

Correspondence or any question regarding local arragement should be made via email to and copy to

Routes From Recommended Hotels to Workshop Venue [updated Sept 30, 2016]:

LOC has provided routes that you may take from the four recommended hotels to the workshop venue. Walking from either one of these hotels would take 5-10 minutes depending on the walking speed: May De Ville Hotel; Hilton Garden Inn; Hoa Binh Hotel; A25 Hotel.

Workshop program:

We have finalized the workshop program and hopefully it suits everyone. If you have any question or query regarding this program, please communicate with LOC at

Empirical and Statistical Downscaling (ESD) Side Meeting

In conjunction with this workshop, on the afternoon of 23th November 2016, a side meeting and discussion on ESD for CORDEX Asia will be held. Participants interested to attend this side meeting should contact Dr Kojie Dairaku of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Reduction Division, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience, Japan [Email:]. This side meeting will be held in the same venue. For funded participants, if you plan to attend this meeting, please time your arrival in Hanoi on the morning of 23rd November 2016.


APN funded participants will be block-booked by LOC in May De Ville Hotel (24 HanThuyen street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi). Other participants may stay in this hotel or other hotels such as Hilton Garden Inn (20 Phan Chu Trinh, Hanoi), or Hoa Binh Hotel (27 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi), or A25 Hotel (45 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi; smaller hotel opposite to Hilton Garden Inn). All these hotels are ~10 minutes of walking distance to the meeting venue. For those of self-funded, LOC may be able to assist you in hotel booking.

Airport Transfer:

Participants will be able to take taxi outside the terminal to the hotel (please write down the name of your hotel including the address and show to the driver and have some Vietnamese Dong before your take the taxi). The fare from the airport to your hotel should be around VND400,000 (i.e. around USD20.00). If there is a need, LOC members will facilitate and guide your arrival from the terminal entrance to the taxi station. We advise everyone to email their itinerary to LOC once available.

Letter of Invitation:

Letter of invitation will be sent to all participants not later than September 15, 2016. If you need an invitation letter sooner than this, please communicate with LOC.

Entry Visa Requirment:

Participants from ASEAN countries are not required to have ENTRY VISA to visit Vietnam. Participants from other countries are advised to consult VISA VIETNAM ONLINE or consult LOC.


Excursion may be organized depends on request from the participants. One day tour to the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) can be organized on 26 November 2016. However, additional expenses (extra night accommodation, tour and any other fee) will be borne by the participant themselves..

Hanoi weather:

Hanoi welcomes you with very pleasent cool and dry winter weather with temperature ranges 17-22C. However, crossing the street has always been challenging for those who have not been to this city before regardless of month and season.



#29 August 2016new

Congratulation to Dr. Jerasorn Santisirisomboon of Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok Thailand!!

A second phase of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia has been approved by the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Research. This project is headed by Dr. Jerasorn Santisirisoombon and scheduled to commence in December 2016 for a three year period. The aim of this second phase project is to further downscale the 25km model outputs of the first phase to a much higher resolution product of 3 km over a number of vulnerable sub-domains.

Thank you APN for your strong support!!!!

Cogratulation to Dr Jerasorn Santisirisomboon and his team also for the establishment of the Ramkhamhaeng University Research Center for Regional Climate Change and Renewable Energy. During the second workshop of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia in Bangkok in June 2014, members of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia wrote to the President of Ramkhamhaeng University and recommended the university to establish a research center on regional climate change.

ESGF node for SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia will be established and hosted by this new center.

Congratulation Ramkhamhaeng University!!


#29 August 2016new

Welcoming two new members of CORDEX Southeast Asia!

We welcome a new member of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia --- Mr. Rattana CHHIN of Cambodia, a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Shigeo Yoden of Kyoto University, Japan.

Recently Meteorological Research Institute (MRI) of Japan has also joined and contributed model runs.

#18 June 2015new

Welcoming two new members of CORDEX Southeast Asia!

The Swedish Meteorological Hydrological Institute (SMHI) of Sweden has recently joined the CORDEX Southeast following Prof. Fredolin's visit to SMHI during the CORDEX SAT2 meeting in February 2015 where he had a meeting with Dr. Nikulin Grigory. SMHI is the 16th institution within CORDEX Southeast Asia. Point of Contact is Dr. Nikulin Grigory.

More recently, during the second day of the 3rd SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia Workshop at the Ateneo de Manila University (June 2, 2015), a new member of CORDEX Southeast Asia i.e. Climate Service Center 2.0 of Germany has joined the Project. CSC2.0 is the 17th institution within CORDEX Southeast Asia. Point of Contact is Dr. Armelle Reca C. Remedio.

[Photo of Prof. Fredolin shaking hand with Dr. Armelle welcoming Climate Service Center 2.0 into CORDEX Southeast Asia]

#1-2 June 2015

The 3rd Technical Workshop of SEACLID/ CORDEX Southeast Asia will be organized by local hosts: Ateneo de Manila University and Manila Observatory from 1-2 June 2015 in Manila, the Philippines.

The workshop was successfully organized. Read More ... A report prepared by Dr. Eleanor O'Rourke, Director of CORDEX IPO and another one prepared by Dr Linda Ann Stevenson of APN.

Full Report (coming soon)

# 25- 29 May 2015

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), in collaboration with CORDEX Southeast Asia and a number of institutions including Ateneo de Malina University (local host), Manila Observatory (local host), the National University of Malaysia, WCRP CORDEX. MAIRS, and Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN), is organizing a "RegCM Training Workshop for Southeast Asia" to be held from May 25-29 in Manila, the Philippines. Information and online application can be accessed at this link. Deadline for submitting online application is MARCH 15, 2015. Announcement poster of this training can be accessed here.

The RegCM was also successfully organized. Full Report (Coming soon)

#17-20 November 2014

The 1st WCRP CORDEX Science and Training Workshop in Southeast Asia, 17-20 November 2014, Citeko Bogor, Indonesia. The workshop will be jointly organized by BMKG, the National University of Malaysia, APN, MAIRS and WCRP CORDEX. Further information can be found here:

# 22-23 September 2014

Proposal Preparatory Workshop of a Pilot Project on Climate Change Impact Assessment on Rice in Southeast Asia using SEACLID / CORDEX Southeast Asia products to be hosted and held at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok.

#25-29 August 2014

First Manuscript Writing Workshop will be held and hosted by the Faculty of Science and Technology, the National University of Malaysia

#9-10 June 2014

Second Workshop of SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA will be held in Bangkok from June 9-10, 2014, co-hosted by Ramkhamhaeng University, Chulalongkorn University and Thailand Research Fund and co-organized by the National University of Malaysia, APN, MAIRS and WCRP-CORDEX. Please download First Annoucement and Tentative Programme. Local information can be downloaded here.

#04 April 2014

Dr Juneng represented SEACLID / CORDEX-SEA in MAIRS Scientific Meeting in Beijing

#13 Nov 2013

We are pleased to announce and welcome Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD), a new member of the Malaysian team in SEACLD/CORDEX-SEA. We’re also pleased to announce that the National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) will be joining soon.

#13 Nov 2013 The first workshop of SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA is 5 days away. Please download the final workshop program schedule. We advise everyone to communicate with LOC [Mrs Ratna satyaningsih,] with regard to hotel accommodation and airport pickup. Participants are recommended to stay at JHotel ( If you’re staying at different hotel, please inform LOC. See you in Jarkata

#27 October 2013

The 1st workshop of SEACLID/CORDEX-SEA will be held in Jakarta 18-19 November 2013 and to be hosted by BMKG. Please download background information of this workshop and tentative rogramme. For further information, please communicate with contact of local host: Dr Dodo Gunawan ( and Ratna Satyaningsih (

In conjunction with this workshop, on Nov 20, 2013 (0900-1200) an Outreach IPCC / CORDEX-SEA event will be held for the recently released IPCC WG1 Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) (Climate Change 2013: The Physical Basis). This event will feature two presentations:

1. Key findings of the IPCC WG1 Fifth Assessment Report
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Fredolin Tangang, IPCC WG1 Vice-Chair

2. Key findings of Chapter 14 of the IPCC WG1 Fifth Assessment Report
Speaker: Dr Edvin Aldrian, Lead Author of Chapter 14 IPCC WG1 AR5