Dana Lonjakan Penerbitan (DLP)


Ketua Projek

Tajuk Penyelidikan

Jumlah Geran

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilofar AsimStudy and Evaluation of Different Porous Geopolymers For Green Passive Cooling ApplicationRM 100,000
Ar. Dr. Lim Chin HawThermal Behaviour of Radiant Barriers in Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Malaysian BuildingsRM 100,000
Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman Sopian Advanced Solar Energy Technology and Low Energy ArchitectureRM 100,000
Dr. Mohd Hafidz Ruslan Solar Thermal System in Drying ApplicationRM 100,000
Dr. Sohif Mat Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning With Thermal StorageRM 100,000
Dr. Mohamad Yusof SulaimanNanostructured Solar CellRM 100,000