Solar Energy Research Institute

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Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)


Project Leader

Research Title

Total Grants

Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman SopianMechanism of Chromium doping in Copper-Zinc-Tin-Sulphide (Cu2ZnSnS4 @CZTS) Thin Films for Enhanced Optoelectronic PropertiesRM 142,000
Dr. Mohd Adib IbrahimOptoelectronic properties of nanofibres Cu-based transparent conductive film with graphene additiveRM 139,600
Dr. Masita MohammadMetal/polymer interphases study in aqueous solution on conductive thermoset nanomaterialRM 139,000
Assc. Prof. Dr. Md. AkhtaruzzamanAn Investigation on the Optoelectronic Properties of Lead (Pb) based Perovskite and Chalcogenide Quantum Dots in Organic-Inorganic Thin Film Hetero-JunctionsRM 135,000
Dr. Suhaila SepeaiPhoton Absorption and Surface Passivation Enhancement of Silicon Quantum Dot (SiQD) Nanostructured Si Substrates RM 100,000
Dr. Chan Hoy YenDetermination of thermal contact conductances and the effects on the overall U-Value of composite building envelopesRM 79,000
Dr. Ahmad FudholiExergy Analysis and Entropy Generation of Thermodynamic System in Flowing Nanofluids-Based on Carbon Nanotube (CNT)RM 65,000


Dr. Saleem Hussain ZaidiPulsed laser interactions with silicon nanostructures in emitter and back surface field formationRM 116,000
Ar. Lim Chin HawCharacterization and droplets spatial distribution analysis of wind-driven rain effects on builidng facade in equatorial climatic conditionsRM 115,000
Prof. Dr. Nowshad AminBandgap Optimization Mechanism of Novel Zinc Cadmium Sulfide (ZnxCd1-xS) Window Layer for High Efficiency CdTe Thin Film Solar CellsRM 106,000
Dr. Mohd Asri Mat TeridiAn investigation of Electrode-electrolyte interface for Fe2O3 hydrogen generation water splittingRM 97,000
Prof. Dr. Sohif MatTransition Characteristics of Phase Change Material in Triplex Tube with Fins as Thermal Energy StorageRM 82,000


Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ahmed AlghoulCooling Characteristics of Underground Chilled Storage System for Low Energy House in MalaysiaRM 76,140
Prof. Dr. Takhirdjon M. RazykovInvestigation on Interfacial Stability of Flexible Cadmium Telluride Thin Film Solar Cells on Polymer and Metal FoilsRM 64,800
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilofar AsimStudies on Solar Detoxification Performance of TiO2, WO3 and Their Composites as PhotocatalystsRM 50,000
Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman SopianFundamental Studies of Front and Back Contact Formation on Crystalline and Multi-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells by Laser AnnealingRM 41,280
Dr. Chan Hoy YenThermal Analysis of Jet Impingement Solar Air CollectorRM


Dr. Mohamad Yusof SulaimanLow Cost All Inorganic Nanostructured Solar CellsRM 109,200
Dr. Saleem Hussain ZaidiEnhanced IR Absorption in Si/SixGe1-x/Si and Si/Ge/Si Solar CellsRM 46,400


Prof. Madya Dr. Nowshad AminInvestigation on Novel Indium Sulphide (InS) Buffer Layer Grown by Physical Vapour Deposition for High EfficiencyRM 78,000
Suhaila Sepeai Passivation of Nano structured with amorphous silicon layers in HiT (Hetero Junction with Intrinsic Thin Layer) Solar CellRM 32,000
Ar. Lim Chin HawEffectiveness of Wind-Induced Ventilation Tower with Variable Vent Opening Z & Roof ConfigurationsRM 35,200
Dr. Mohamad Yusof SulaimanStudies on Silicon Nanowires for Solar Cell ApplicationRM 55,200
Dr. Mohd Hafidz RuslanStudy on Optimum Design for Cooling of Photovoltaic Solar Thermal CollectorRM 48,000


Dr. Mohamad Yusof SulaimanSynthesis and Characterization of II-VI Semiconductor Quantum DotsRM 141,000


Dr. Mohammad Ahmed AlghoulDaylighting Characteristic of Double Skin Windows for Low Energy BuildingsRM 100,200
Ar. Nur Akmal Abdullah @ Goh Tuo HoOptimum Arrangement and Orientation of Photovoltaic Panel for Building Integrated ApplicationsRM 24,296
Dr. Sallehuddin Mohamed HarisControl Strategies for Electrochmic Windows and Indoor Lighting for Optimum Energy UsageRM 24,296
Dr. Zulkifli Mohd NopiahOptimal Control and Operational Strategies for Autonomous Solar PV Hybrid SystemRM 24,296


Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman SopianStudies on Advanced Surface Texturing for Silicon Solar Cell RM 70,000
Dr. Mohd Hafidz RuslanStudies On Advanced Multi-Pass Solar Air Collectors with Heat Transfer Surface EnhancementRM 60,000
Prof. Madya Ahmad Mohd YusofThe Development of Integrated Malaysian Energy Model (IMEN)RM 40,000
Dr. Mohd Nizam Abdul RahmanStudies On Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Solar Collector with Integrated Storage SystemRM 40,000