Trans Disciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS)


Project Leader

Research Title

Total Grants

Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman SopianRural Transformation Through Net Neutral Renewable Energy Sustainable CommunityRM 811,600

Sub-Project 1:
Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman Sopian

Absorption enhancement in nanostructured bifacial solar cell for diffused sky conditionsRM 205,200

Sub-Project 2:
Dr. Saleem Hussain Zaidi

Net neutral distributed renewable generation in tropical climatesRM 279,200

Sub-Project 3:
Assc. Prof. Ruhizan Mohammad Yasin

Development and Implementation of Net Neutral Renewable Energy Model for Rural Education & Social AdvancementRM 126,000

Sub-Project 4:
Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Hafidz Haji Ruslan

Advanced Fresnel Lens in Solar Thermal System Under Tropical Diffused Sky ConditionsRM 201,200