Solar Energy Research Institute

Institut Penyelidikan Tenaga Suria | Solar Energy Research Institute

Young Lecturers Incentive Grant (GGPM)


Project Leader

Research Title

Total Grants

Dr. Suhaila SepeaiSimplified bifacial solar cell processing using simultaneous solid source diffusion for emitter and back surface field (BSF) formationRM 50,000
Dr. Masita MohammadMetal ions adsorption on polymeric nanofibres in aqueous solution using batch experimental studyRM 50,000
Dr. Ahmad FudholiKajian terhadap pengumpul fotovoltan terma (PVT) dua laluan dengan penambahan permukaan pemindahan haba untuk mendapatkan elektrik, air panas dan udara panasRM 40,000
Dr. Halim Hj. RazaliPerformance of Generated Hydrogen On-board System for Motorcycle through Chemical Reaction between Aluminium and Hydrochloric Acid as an Alternative FuelRM 40,000


Dr. Mohd Asri Mat TeridiHeterojunction of p-type Semiconductor Solar Cells Based on NiO as PhotocathodeRM 50,000


Dr. Norasikin Ahmad LudinFundamental Study Of One Step Annealing For Plate Ni/Cu/Ag Contact Solar CellsRM 50,000
Dr. Nilofar AsimStudy and Evaluation of Different Porous Geopolymers For Green Passive Cooling ApplicationRM 50,000
Dr. Chan Hoy YenDevelopment of Jet Absorber Solar Collector for Air HeatingRM 50,000
Dr. Mohd Adib IbrahimIntegration of Organic Nanostructure Molecular and Rear Contact Formation of Solar CellsRM 40,000


Dr. Nurul Muiz Murad Studies on Occupant Comfort in Tropical Climate BuildingsRM 50,000