Mohammad Agus Bin Yusoff

agus besarProf. Dato’ Dr. Mohammad Agus Yusoff


Ext: 5827

Blok E,
School of History, Politics, and Strategy
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
National University of Malaysia
43600, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Academic Qualification
B.A. (Hons.) Universiti Malaya
M.A. University of Manchester
Ph.D. University of Manchester


Area of Specialization
Comparative Politics, Malaysian and Indonesia Politics, Federalism and Elections


Research (2009-Present)

  1. Effective Protection of the Malaysian Maritime Provinces (Perlindungan Yang Berkesan ke atas Wilayah Maritim Malaysia), UKM-SK-04-FRGS0011-2006, Project Head.
  2. Conceptualizing and Theorizing Jihad among Southeast Asia’s Radical Salafi Movements: Case Studies of Jemaah Islamiyah, HisbutTahrir and Jamaah Asharut Tawhid, FRGS/1/2011/UKM/ 02/20. RM60000, Project Head.
  3. 13th General Elections: Representation and Democracy in Malaysian New Politics (Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13: Representasi dan Demokrasi dalam Politik Baru Malaysia), UKM-GGPM-CMNB-038-201, RM50000, Member.
  4. Conflict and Integrations in Malaysia-Indonesia Relations. (Konflik dan Kesepaduan dalam Hubungan Malaysia-Indonesia), PTS-2011-146, RM70,000, Joint Research with Universitas Indonesia.

Publications (10 Best)

  1. 2011 Civil society and democratization: A conceptual discussion (Masyarakat sivil dan pendemokrasian: suatu analisis konsepsual). Jebat 38(2): 101-116 (With Md Salleh Md Said, Leo Agustino & Jayum Jawan).
  2. 2010 Federalism in Malaysia: Portrait of centre-state relations (Federalisme di Malaysia: Potret hubungan pusat-daerah). Analisis CSIS 40(2): 193-216.
  3. 2012 Civil disobedience and its implications on democracy during Abdullah Badawi’s era (Ketidakakuran sivil dan kesannya ke atas pendemokrasian di era Abdullah Badawi). Jebat: Malaysian Journal of History, Politics and Strategic Studies 39(1): 1-23 (With Zawiyah Mohd Zain).
  4. 2012 From New Order to Reformasi: Local politics in Indonesia post New Order (Daripada Orde Baru ke Orde Reformasi: politik lokal di Indonesia pasca Orde Baru). Jebat: Malaysian Journal of History, Politics and Strategic Studies 39(1): 77-98. (With Leo Agustino).
  5. 2010 Arab spring: geopolitical implications for Iran. International Journal of Asian Social Science 2(9):1533-1547 (With Amiri, R.E. & Soltani, F.).
  6. 2012 Inter-disciplinary education: A pattern for history and sociology. Journal of Education and Practice 3(16); 103-108. (With Zoeram, V.A. &Soltani, F.).
  7. 2012 Concept of security in the theoretical approaches. Research Journal of International Studies. 24(October): 7-17 (With Soltani, F.).
  8. 2012 Democracy in De Tocqueville theory and new Islamic movements. International Journal of Asian Social Science 2(12):2220-2236 (With Zoeram, V.A. Lee Yok Fee & Soltani, F.).
  9. 2012 Negative-positive security and the United States. Asian Social Science 8(15): 244-249 (With Soltani, F.).
  10. 2013 Replicating of domestic security policy in Malaysian foreign policy. Asian Social Science Journal 9(2): 115-120 (With Soltani, F.).

Recognition And Awards

  1. 20th Distinguished Service Award 14 September 2006
  2. Distinguished Service Award 15 Oktober 2010
  3. Darjah Paduka Mahkota Kelantan (DPMK) November 2011

Membership in the Professional Organization

  1. Member, University of Manchester Alumni (Life member)
  2. Association of International Studies Malaysia (Life member)
  3. International Political Science Association (2008-present)
  4. American Political Science Association (September 2010-present)



  1. Chief Editor Jebat-Malaysian Journal of History, Politics and Strategic Studies.
  2. Editor, journal e-Bangi.
  3. Assessors for books and journal articles published by university publishers such for UKM, UPM, UUM, UTM and USM and also to some commercial publishers such as DBP and Prentice-Hall.
  4. Involved in many research activities and consultancy works related to national politics sponsored/ commissioned by various political parties, non-government organizations and key national leaders/ politicians.
  5. Presented conference papers at the international level in 31 countries such as Canada, China, England, Germany, Spain, Japan, India, Mauritius, Australia, Turkey, Italy, USA, Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, South Korea, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Brunei, South Africa, Bhutan, Brazil, Athens and Portugal.
  6. Frequently referred to or consulted by local and foreign media organizations to give analyses, comments and views on the development of national and international politics.
  7. Have frequently written for and also interviewed by various newspapers and magazines for opinion and analysis on national and international politics.
  8. Involved in many social activities with communities and societies as well as have given motivational talks.