Our Centre’s members have conducted numerous research projects, funded by university, national, and international agencies. The prestigious funding agencies include the UNESCO, Newton Fund (UK), British High Commission (Singapore), Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (ACRE), Sumitomo Foundation (Japan), and many more.

We are also noted for obtaining governmental funds like the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS), and Research University Grant (GUP), the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Ministry of Science and Technology, and others.

We also collaborate with other universities for joint funding opportunities. Inter-university partnership includes Thammasat University (Thailand), University of Sussex (UK), Universitas Gadja Mada (Indonesia), and there are more future collaborations to come.

Here are some of the major research projects conducted by our faculty in recent years (from 2010 onwards):


  • “Malaysia dalam Dasar Pandang ke Timur India (India’s Look East Policy)” by Zubaidah V.P. Hamzah (2015)
  • “Transformasi Pembangunan Melalui Cara Pemilikan Tanah Sebagai Pemangkin Kepada Perkembangan Ekonomi Pertanian Di Sabah” by Nordin Hussin (2014)
  • “Penglibatan Wanita Eropah Dalam Pentadbiran British Malaya” by Azlizan Mat Enh (2014)
  • “ACRE/Newton funded project: Recovery of Historic Climate Data for Southeast Asia (Macau, Cambodia, Laos)” by Fiona Clare Williamson (2014)
  • “Tan Sri Wan Mahmood Pawan Teh, Orang Besar Daerah Gombak: Pengalaman Seorang Pegawai MAS (Malaysian Administrative Service)” by Mohd. Bin Samsudin (2014)
  • “Memartabatkan Kesenian Perak: Dabus, Belotah, Tarian Bubu dan Rebana” by Mohd. Bin Samsudin (2014)
  • “History of the environment and the climate in colonial Malaya” by Fiona Clare Williamson and Nordin Hussin (2013)
  • “Towards New Weather and Climate Baselines for Assessing Weather And Climate Extremes, Impacts and Risk over Southeast Asia by Fiona Clare Williamson (2013)
  • “Botanical History of the Indian Ocean Region Networking Scheme” by Fiona Clare Williamson (2013)
  • “UK-ASEAN Mobility Scheme” by Fiona Clare Williamson (2012)
  • “Jemaah Islamiyah Movement and National Security” by Nordin Hussin, Ahmad Ali Seman and Mahfuzah Mustafa (2011)

Political Science

  • “Impak Bantuan Asing Kepada Organisasi Masyarakat Sivil Malaysia Terhadap Keselamatan Politik Malaysia” by Muhammad Takiyuddin Ismail (2014)
  • “Masyarakat Sivil dan Politik Transnasional Malaysia dan Indonesia: Isu, Jaringan dan Pendemokrasian” by Muhammad Takiyuddin Ismail and Abdul Muein Abadi (2014)“Mengkonsepsualisasikan Semula (Reconceptualizing) Terorisme dalam Konteks Rantau Asia: Satu Tinjauan Awal“ Mahfudzah Mustafa (2015)
  • “Pilihanraya di Malaysia: Politik Lama vs Politik Baru” by Sity Daud (2014)
  • “Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13: Reformasi, Perubahan dan Konservatisme” by Muhammad Takiyuddin Ismail (2013)
  • “A Conservative Regime in Crisis: A Comparative Study of UMNO and LDP” by Muhammad Takiyuddin Ismail (2012)
  • “Look East Policy: A Re-evaluation” by Jamaie Hj Hamil (2012)
  • “The Strengthening of States’ Role and Capital Control in 2008 Global Financial Crisis” by Sity Daud (2011)

Strategic Studies and International Relations

  • “Identities, Support, and Challenges for the ASEAN Community 2015 and Beyond: Comparative Study between Public Opinion and Participation in Malaysia and Thailand” by Guido Benny (2015)
  •  “Is ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) relevant to Gen Y Professionals? A comparative study on attitudes and participation of young professionals in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in ASEAN economic integration” by Guido Benny (2015)
  • “Lensa Baru dalam Teori Hubungan Antarabangsa: Kebangkitan ‘Kuasa Parsi’, Ancaman Doktrin Syiah dan Keselamatan Negara Malaysia” by Zarina Othman, Nor Azizan Idris, and Bakri Mat (2014)
  • “Migrasi dan Keselamatan” by Zarina Othman and Nor Azizan Idris (2013)
  • “Revisiting ‘Interdependence Theory’ in Malaysia’s External Relations” by Ravichandran Moorthy, Richard Mason and Chin Kok Fay (2012)
  • “Developing a New Theory of ‘Power Asymmetry’: The case of Malaysia-U.S. Relations in the Face of America’s Re-Engagement Policy in Southeast Asia” by Nor Azizan Idris
  • “Social Transformation and Illicit Drug Trafficking in Malaysia” by Zarina Othman and Sity Daud (2011)
  • “The China Factor in the U.S. ‘Re-Engagement’ with Southeast Asia” by Kuik Cheng Chwee (2011)
  • “Climate Change and Urban Freshwater Scarcity and Security” by Sharifah Munirah Syed Hussein Alatas (2011)
  • “Research on Policy and Governance on the Environment” by Marina Abdul Majid (2011)
  • “Alternative Model of Malaysian Foreign Policy: A Reexamination of Titoist Theory and Its Relevance to Malaysian Foreign Policy” by Azlizan Mat Enh, Nor Azizan Idris, Nik Anuar Nik Mahmud, and Ravichandran Moorthy (2010)
  • “Diversity and Peace: Reconstructing Human Security” by Zarina Othman and others (2010)
  • “Big Powers’ Participations in the ASEAN-based Regional Institutions: Impacts on Malaysia’s Strategic and Economic Interests” by Nor Azizan Idris, Kuik Cheng Chwee and Sharifah Munirah Syed Hussein Alatas (2010)