Malaysia Partnerships and Alliances in Research (MYPAIR) Malaysia-Spain Innovating Programme (MySIP) 2022

The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) through the Department of Higher Education (MOHE) in collaboration with the Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) and The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology, E.P.E. (CDTI) has agreed to implement the Malaysia-Spain Innovating Program (MySIP) Year 2022 under the MyPAiR initiative. The opening of this application is specifically for the implementation of innovation project cooperation in the following areas:

a) Sustainable City Development (Pembangunan Bandar Lestari);

b) Knowledge-based Economy/k-Economy (Ekonomi berasaskan Pengetahuan);

c) Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (Pembuatan dan Bahan Termaju);

d) Health (Kesihatan);

e) Electrical & Electronics (Elektrikal & Elektronik);

f) Aerospace (Aeroangkasa); dan

g) Smart Agriculture (Pertanian Pintar)

Project applications should be industry-based and market-oriented where the collaboration developed is based on joint technological collaboration between companies, research organizations, academics in Malaysia and industry partners (start-ups, SMEs and large companies) in Spain involving significant development or improvement (substantial) to a product, process or service. Applications for this program must involve researchers from UA and Malaysian industry as well as industry partners from Spain.

Interested researchers must meet the application requirements set out in the MYSIP Guidelines 2022 and take note of the following:

1. The application should be prepared jointly with a collaborator using the application template provided;

2. The same application must also be submitted by the Spanish Project Leader (PI) via the CDTI website;

3. Applicants are requested to complete and submit the MOHE Cost Proforma as in Annex 3. This Cost Proforma is a detail of the allocation applied for by Malaysian researchers from MOHE;

4. Applicants need to identify Malaysian and Spanish industry counterparts. The Ministry could not assist in identifying the partners. Proof of consent to cooperate must be attached to the application;

5. The Research Management Center (RMC) must submit applications from their respective Institutions together. The entire list of applications (masterlist – Annex 4) must be submitted together; and

6. Internal evaluation of the Institution need not be carried out.

To those interested in applying, 1 softcopy and hardcopy copy of the application together with supporting documents (MOHE Cost Proforma-Annex 3, Masterlist-Annex 4 and other documents) must be sent to Pn Nurazilah Mohamed Sallehulldin, nurazilah.mohamed.sallehulldin@ppukm. at the Research & Innovation Secretariat (SPI) no later than or on 8 JULY 2022 (Friday), before 12.00 noon to be forwarded to the UKM CRIM.

  1. Letter from MOHE
  2. Mysip guideline
  3. Funding guideline
  4. Application form


Any inquiry please contact CRIM Officer , Puan Roslina Rosli at 89215027 or can contact to MOHE Officer:-

          Puan Dinesh Kaur a/p Karpal Singh

          03-8870 6952


          Cik Nor Amira Farhana Ahmad Zailani

          03-8870 6969 samb. 4584