GGPM, GUP & DIP 2.0 Year 2022

Pusat Pengurusan Penyelidikan dan Instrumentasi (CRIM) will open research grant applications under the University Research Fund  for the Year 2022 for the following grants:

(i)    Geran Galakan Penyelidik Muda (GGPM).

(ii)   Geran Universiti Penyelidikan (GUP).

(iii)   Dana Impak Perdana 2.0 (DIP 2.0)


This application will be open from 15 April 2022 (Friday) until 19 June 2022 (Sunday). The application is through the Sistem Maklumat Penyelidikan Universiti (SMPU) which can be accessed via this link

Each application must meet the criteria and conditions set out as follows:

  • Research project proposal paper that meets the research criteria, quality and in accordance with the guidelines of each research grant. Please refer to the latest Guidelines on the website CRIM ( or via SMPU.


  • The total allocation for the research project applied for does not exceed the set ceiling.


  • Academic staff who are currently leading GUP/DIP grants who are still active are allowed to make new applications under the same grant if the project completion rate is at 75% and above.


  • Applicants must ensure that all final reports of research projects under the University Research Fund have been sent through SMPU (applicant as project leader) and the report must be reviewed and certified by the PTJ Research Secretariat before the closing date of this application.


  • Applications must go through an evaluation process at the faculty/institute/center level. Evaluation procedures/guidelines can refer to UKM-SPKP-CRIM-PK01- GP15: Garis Panduan Penilaian Geran Penyelidikan. The faculty/institute/center needs to confirm the assessment using UKM-SPKP-CRIM-PK01-BO014: Borang Penilaian Permohonan Geran di bawah Dana Universiti Penyelidikan (Tarikh kuatkuasa 1 April 2022). Applications that do not go through the evaluation process at the faculty/institute/center level will not be considered for UKM level evaluation.


  • Each applicant is only allowed to submit ONE (1) application only either GGPM/GUP/DIP 2.0 for this opening period.


  • Applicants are encouraged to submit patent search proof for each project application using website


  • The applicant must identify any risks (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats/other related) that could potentially occur before, during and after the research is carried out.


  • Any inquiries can contact the CRIM officer, Puan Syafura Abdul Halim at 03-89214679 or Encik Mohd Asraf Mohamad Farid at 03-89214455.