Cardiovascular Health


Cardiovascular Health of Faculty of Medicine research group is orginally a combination of two research groups which were Cardiovascular and Cardiovascular and Health Performance Indicator. It is officially formed in early 2019 as one of research thrust groups at the Faculty of Medicine, led by Associate Professor Dr Kamisah Yusof with 17 members comprising preclinical and clinical researchers in the field of cardiovascular. The formation of the group aims to integrate and consolidate clinical and basic cardiovascular research with the hope to enhance the quality as well as the impact of research at the faculty and then at the university level. This group conducts clinical and experimental studies¾in vivoin vitro and ex vivo. For experimental studies, we investigate the effects of natural products such as kaduk, tocotrienol, stink beans, virgin coconut oil, sambung nyawa and oil palm phenolics on hypertension, cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidaemia. While the clinical studies involve measurement of cardiovascular parameters in high risk subjects, as well as in young patients with acute coronary syndrome. The studies of oil palm phenolics oil in subjects with hyperlipidaemia is also conducted.



  1. A. Prof Dr Kamisah Yusof ( Pharmacologist SCOPUS ,Google ScholarUKM
  2. Prof Dr Srijit Das ( Anatomist SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM  
  3. A. Prof Dr Qodriyah Mohd Saad( SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM                                                   
  4. A. Prof Dr Zakiah Jubri@Mohd Zufri( Biochemistry SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  5. A. Prof Dr Isa Naina Mohamed ( SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  6. Dr Amilia Aminuddin ( Physiologist  SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  7. Dr Azizah Ugusman ( Physiologist  SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  8. Dr Adila A. Hamid ( Physiologist   SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  9. Dr Mohd Shawal Faizal Mohamad( Medicine   SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  10. Dato’Dr Oteh Maskon ( Medical Physician   SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  11. Dr Hamat Hamdi Che Hassan ( Medicine SCOPUS,Google Scholar, UKM
  12. Dr Shathiskumar a/l Govindaraju( Medicine SCOPUS,Google Scholar, UKM
  13. Dr Tiau Wei Jyung ( Medicine  SCOPUS,Google Scholar, UKM
  14. Dr Norliana Masbah( SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  15. Dr Noor Diyana Mohamad Farouk( Medicine SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  16. A. Prof Dr Satirah Zainalabidin ( Physio SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  17. Dr Nadiah Sulaiman (  SCOPUS ,Google Scholar, UKM
  18. Dr. Fitri Fareez Ramli (


We are looking for potential candidates Postgraduate Master or PhD Students and Post-doctoral fellow who are highly motivated and curious to learn more about cardiovascular related diseases. If you are interested to join our team, please contact:

Name:   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamisah Yusof (Group leader)



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