Physiotherapy - Bachelor of Science (hons)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Physiotherapy)


With a Degree in Physiotherapy, you will gain greater competency in performing assessments, as well as learn to select and apply the right treatment techniques. 

More importantly, you will obtain further insights and skills to conduct your own research and demonstrate life-long learning capabilities to ensure a sustainable and successful career in physiotherapy. 

Duration of Study : 4 Years

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of socio-cultural factors as determinants of health and behaviour in health and sickness.  
    • Relate to therapeutic situations in the practice of physiotherapy.  
    • Understand the role of family and community in the development of behaviours.  
    • Develop a holistic outlook toward the structure of society and community resources.  
    • Identify the subtle influence of culture in the development of human personality, the role of beliefs and values as determinants of individual and group behaviours.  
    • Understand the social and economical aspects of community that influence the health of the people. 
    •  Learn to assess the social problems and participate in social planning.  
    • Animal physiotherapist 
    • Higher education lecturer 
    • Physiotherapist 
    • Sports therapist 

Local Students

Total Fees : RM 54,300 

International Students

Total Fees : RM 74,250

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