Progressive English Program (PEP)

  1. Starting from 1 December 2021, PEP does not accept IELTS, TOEFL or other English proficiencies once students have registered with the PEP.
  2. The last date for deferment is two (2) weeks after students have registered.
  3. The PEP classes will be conducted via online by zoom and the link will be sent to students.
  4. The guideline is subjected to change.

PEP is a Progressive English Program offered conditionally to international students who do not have IELTS/TOEFL/MUET, etc.

Details of PEP are as follows:
No. Details

Students who register to PEP will take CEPT (Cambridge English Placement Test). CEPT test is a computer-based, online test. Based on the CEPT results, students will be determined the level of PEP that they need to follow. Students will sit for a computer-based test and must answer 50 questions that are divided into 2 parts, namely listening, and reading. The questions consist of multiple-answer questions and structured questions. The question format can be browsed at

The date of the CEPT test will be emailed to students.
  1. Progressive English Programme (PEP) introduces a fast-track course.
  2. Fast-track learning saves the time for the students to study English.
  3. The fast-track course consists of the followings:
    • The lowest level will be Level 3.
    • Undergraduate Students who start from Level 4 will study English only for three (3) months instead of four (4) months.
    • Postgraduate students who start from Level 4 will study English only for four (4) months instead of five (5) months.
iv. Kindly register for PEP early to save your time. v. Additional fee of RM500.00 to be charged to a student as a management fee for the PEP fast-track.

For postgraduate students to be admitted to the postgraduate programs, the minimum achievement of PEP is Level 8 which is equivalent to IELTS 6.0/ MUET band 4.

There will be no IELTS/TOEFL/MUET for postgraduate students who have passed the continuous assessment at Level 8.

CEPT will determine students’ level of PEP. The PEP classes will be conducted for 4 weeks for one level, 6 hours a day/5 days a week.


However, some programs require higher achievements. Candidates/students should refer to the requirement of the faculty.


PEP will conduct a continuous assessment for students to move from one level to the next level.


In addition to IELTS/MUET, students can also submit the results of TOEFL iBT, pBT, and Pearson English Test (PTE) before they register to the PEP. Students shall manage the registration of the test themselves.


PEP Study Fee
  • PEP per level = RM1880/- (for undergraduate students)
  • PEP per level = RM1955/- (for postgraduate students)


Students are advised to complete the PEP program within a period of one (1) year and should not exceed two (2) years. The two-year period is not inclusive of the deferment of study..


If a student fails to move to the next level once, PEP shall provide an opportunity to students to repeat the same level at no cost (if the student is not absent from classes). If the student is still within the stipulated 1-year period, the student can repeat the test, but the cost of the repeat test will be charged to the student.


How to register to PEP?

  • Students shall pay:

Registration Fee



UG and PG

Students (3 Level Fees)






  1. If students take PEP classes of less than 3 levels, the balance will be credited to the students’ program account.
  2. If the PEP classes are more than 3 levels, students must pay all the balances.
  3. Students shall register PEP online.


Starting from Semester 2, Academic Session 2021/2022, Students who register for PEP are not allowed to make PEP exemptions.


The last date for deferment is two (2) weeks after students have registered.


PEP will email to registered students the followings: a.      The date of CEPT placement test. b.      The PEP level based on the CEPT results.


CEPT Schedule:
  1. For students who register on the 1st to the 20th of the month, will be invited to CEPT in the same month.

  2. For students who register after the 20th of the month, they will be invited to CEPT for the next month.


IELTS/TOEFL/PTE (Home Edition) or online version are not acceptable for exemption.

PEP Fast Trac NOTE:
  1. The PEP classes will be conducted via online by zoom and the link will be sent to students.
  2. The guideline is subjected to change.

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