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 Smart and Sustainable Township Research Centre


14 & 15 February 2024

(Wednesday & Thursday)


Akademia Siber Teknopolis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

(Online Attendance available)


Approved 12 CPD Hours (BEM)

Approved 3 CPD Hours (BoG)



SASW is a non-destructive geophysical testing method to assess the mechanical properties of soils, concrete, tunnelling, and pavements. It involves generating surface waves using a seismic source, such as a hammer or shaker, and recording the waves using geophones or accelerometers placed at different distances from the source. By analysing the dispersion characteristics of the surface waves, such as phase velocity versus frequency, engineers can estimate the shear wave velocity profile of the subsurface material. This information is crucial for assessing the mechanical properties of the soil, concrete, or pavement layers, which is essential for designing foundations, evaluating pavement conditions, assessing the condition and properties of concrete and tunnels, and assessing seismic hazards.

One of the key advantages of SASW is its non-destructive nature, which means that it does not require the extraction of soil, concrete, or pavement samples for testing. This non-destructive aspect allows engineers to assess the properties of the subsurface without causing any damage to the site, making it particularly useful for assessing existing structures or evaluating the condition of pavements. These contrasts with destructive testing methods commonly used in geotechnical, tunnelling and pavement engineering, which involve physically extracting samples from the ground, concrete, or pavement.

The International Workshop on Spectral-Analysis-of-Surface-Wave (SASW) Testing in Civil Engineering Applications (SASW2024) will host a leading expert from Korea, Prof. Dr. Sung-Ho Joh, and a lineup of experienced speakers from Malaysia. This workshop aims to deliver a comprehensive educational experience that can enrich attendees' expertise, capabilities, and professional networks in their specialized fields, benefiting students and professionals at different points in their careers.


Prof. Dr. Sung-Ho Joh

Chung Ang University,

Seoul, South Korea

Mr. Khairul Anuar Mohd Nayan

Geotechnical Consultant,


Ir. Dr. Mohd Farid Ahmad


Consultface Sdn. Bhd.

P.Geol. Ahmad Zulqurnain Ghazalli


Geoventure Solution

Sdn. Bhd.

Dr. Norinah Abd Rahman

Senior Lecturer,

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dr. Nor Faizah Bawadi

Senior Lecturer,

Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Dr. Norfarah Nadia Ismail

Senior Lecturer,

Universiti Teknologi MARA

Fee Structure:


USD 300 (2-Day Lecture & Field Test – Physical Attendance)

USD 30 (1-Day Lecture - Online Attendance)


RM 1000 (2-Day Lecture & Field Test – Physical Attendance)

RM 250 (1-Day Lecture - Physical Attendance)

RM 100 (1-Day Lecture - Online Attendance)

  • Only the first 40 participants for 2-day attendance will be accepted.
  • Printed certificate will be provided for physical participants, and e-certificate will be issued for online participants.
  • Please confirm your attendance before 1st February 2024.

All payment should be made to:-

  • Bank : CIMB Bank
  • Account Name : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Account No. : 8002234307
  • Swift code : CIBBMYKL
  • Remarks : SASW2024


  • Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Syuhaimi Ab Rahman (Dean of FKAB)
  • Prof Madya Ir. Dr. Siti Fatin Mohd Razali (Head of SUTRA)
  • Prof. Ts. Dr. Roszilah Hamid (Chairperson of JKA)
  • Prof. Emeritus Dato' Dr. Mohd Marzuki Mustafa (FKAB)
  • Dr. Norinah Abd Rahman (SUTRA/JKA/CONSULTFACE)
Vice Chairman
  • Ir. Dr. Farid Ahmad @ Majid (CONSULTFACE)
  • P.Geol. Ahmad Zulqurnain Ghazalli (GEOVENTURE)
  • Pn. Nurhardyawati Ismail (JKA)
  • Cik Malini Ali @ Ismail (CoE FKAB)
  • En. Mohd Khairul Zain Ismail (JKA)
  • Dr. Farizah Ansarudin (CoE FKAB)
  • Dr. Suraya Sharil (SUTRA/JKA)
  • Dr. Ahmad Nazrul Hakimi Ibrahim (SUTRA/JKA)
  • Pn. Nur Farhana Rohdizad (JKA)
  • Dr. Ros Nadiah Rosli (SUTRA/JKA)
  • Ir. Dr. Anuar Kasa (SUTRA/JKA)
  • Pn. Fauziah Mohd Tahir (JKA)
  • Pn. Siti Shazwani Md Roslan (JKA)
ICT & Publicity
  • Pn. Nor Azura Abdullah @ Ghazali (JKA)
  • En. Rosmizam Ithnin (JKA)
  • Pn. Wan Mastura Wan Ismail (JKA)
  • Pn. Nur Farah Liza Ramli (ICT FKAB)
  • Pn. Norkhuzaimah Moksin (ICT FKAB)
  • En. Arman Sham Abd Wahid (ICT FKAB)
  • En. Mohd Shahril Dzulkiflee (ICT FKAB)
  • Dr. Nor Faizah Bawadi (UniMAP)
  • Dr. Norfarah Nadia Ismail (UiTM)
  • En Khairul Anuar Mohd Nayan (CONSULTANT)
  • Ts. Dr. Muhammad Noor Hisyam Jusoh (UCSI)
Logistics and Fieldwork
  • Dr. Mohd Reza Azmi (SUTRA/JKA)
  • En. Hamzah Nayan (JKA)
  • En. Ashari Jani (JKA)
  • En. Mohamed Zuraimi Abdullah (JKA)
  • En. Noraidi Tawel (CoE FKAB)
  • En. Mohammad Ali Rehman (JKA)

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