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APN-GCR Workshop and IGAC-MANGO Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN-GCR) workshop on air quality measurement via satellite during #COVID19 lockdown and International Global Atmospheric Chemistry – Monsoon

New paper published!

Our group’s new manuscript on volatile organic compounds before and during different phases of lockdown in Malaysia Further reading        

IGAC 2024

Our group has been announced to be an organizer for IGAC 2024 The announcement has been made at IGAC 2022 Conference at Manchester United Kingdom

SOLAS Scientific Steering Commitee

The surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) has been conducted from 30th September on 1st October 2022. All SSC members involved

Visiting Professor

Invitation to share my experience at the Diponegoro University, Indonesia

New paper published!

A review paper on the health effect of biomass burning in Southeast Asia led by Dr Vera Ling Hui Phung et al. has been published

16th IFEH World Congress on Environmental Health

Presented our group’s main findings on atmospheric pollutant concentrations during various phases of lockdowns in Malaysia at the 16th IFEH World Congress on Environmental Health.

First SOLAS Southeast Asia Workshop

The first SOLAS Southeast Asia Workshop has been conducted on 23rd August 2022. This workshop aims to introduce and discuss SOLAS-relevant and region-specific research and

Group Meeting

Group meeting and great sharing session with our group alumni, Dr Royston Uning from National Institute for Environmental Sciences (NIES), Japan.      

New Paper Published!

Our group’s latest manuscript on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their contribution to surface ozone in tropical urban environments has been published in Chemosphere. The

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