Viva voce examination for PhD candidate Assoc. Prof. Dr Norfazilah Ahmad

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Dr Norfazilah Ahmad, UMBI’s PhD in Molecular Medicine candidate for passing her viva voce examination on 17th September 2019. She passed with an excellent thesis by both internal and external examiners. Her thesis title was “Hubung kait di antara gen-persekitaran dan gen-gen dengan penyakit renal kronik dalam kalangan pesakit diabetes mellitus jenis 2”. AP Dr Norfazilah was under the supervisory team that is lead by Prof. Datuk Dr A. Rahman A. Jamal, together with Prof Shamsul Azhar Shah, Prof  Dr Abdul Halim Abdul Gafor and Dr Nor Azian as co-supervisors.