Care Team
Our Care Team

Brooklin Stevens

Managing Director

Brooklin is the managing director at Placebo for almost 3 years and he dedicates all his efforts to make the life of our residents in Placebo easy.

Our Care Team

Henry Jenkins

Nursing Director

Henry is the operating nursing director at Placebo and he is probably the guy that you will meet most of the times when you have an issue.

Our Care Team

Miranda Shepperd

Community Director

Miranda is a great person who helps at Placebo to arrange all social events and special meetups. Lorem ipsum pores ut alam dor undi jet.

Our Care Team

Molly Rodrigues

Registered Nurse

Molly is our shiniest nurse - always smiling, always ready to help. She will help you with anything you need, so don't be shy and just ask.

Our Care Team

Ivan Grigoroff


Ivan is our newest member and he is taking care of the eldest. Ivan is very sweet and gentle, he comes from the Bolkans.

Our Care Team

Danny Leroy


Danny is charming young men, professional to the core. He will charm you and then make you to take your pills :)


Placebo is the most complete medical center in Europe. We are here from the beginning to the end, delivering Lifetime HealthCare.

Helping people since 1923, Placebo has won the Best Hospital Award in the past 7 years in almost any category.


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