27 & 28 October 2009

Invited Speaker :

Fazel Famili . Barry McCollum . Paul McMullan

Dr. Paul McMullan

Queen’s University of Belfast

Dr Paul McMullan is a lecturer in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EEECS) at The Queen's University of Belfast and is a director of two spin-out IT companies from the University.

His main research expertise is in the area of Scheduling and Optimization using Artificial Intelligence and Hyper-Heuristic Search Techniques. The areas to which this work is applied include Course and Examination Scheduling, Production and Manufacturing, Commercial Advertisement Programming, Vehicle Routing and Logistics, Space Planning and Allocation.

He is also a practitioner of applying research to Industrial Applications and Commercial Spin-outs. He is a Director of two Queen's University IT companies, Realtime Solutions Limited and EventMap Limited. He is also a keen proponent of Technology Transfer, and has ongoing involvement with companies both North and South of the border through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Fusion Partnerships, Department of Trade and Industry, UK and Intertrade Ireland initiatives. These schemes provide opprtunities for graduates to avail of industrial experience, academic research facilities, and form a vehicle for the transfer of skills and resources between Commercial and Academic Institutions.