Center For Healthy Ageing & Wellness


Multi-domain Intervention for Reversal of Cognitive Frailty: Towards Personalized Approaches (My-AGELESS Trial)

The Centre for Healthy Ageing and Wellness, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia,UKM)) with the support from the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (MoE) Longterm Research Grant Scheme, have initiated efforts to replicate an adapted version of the Finnish trial  among a multiethnic Asian population, ie.  Malaysia.  My-AGELESS Trial is a two-year clinical trial that will include screening of approximately 1000 older persons  who are at an increased risk of  cognitive decline and physical frailty (cognitive frailty,CF) from three different locations, urban, semi urban and rural areas of Malaysia. Following this, 300 older adults at risk of cognitive frailty will be recruited in batches from December 2019 till November 2024 for the intervention. The main objective of this trial is to evaluate whether lifestyle interventions that simultaneously target many risk factors can reverse mild cognitive impairment and physical  frailty.  This trial will include a few sub-studies regarding gut microbiome.

My-AGELESS Trial is the first long term trial among Malaysian older persons , conducted over 24 months, involving renown researchers from reputable academic institutions in Malaysia, ie. UKM, University Malaya (UM), University Technology Mara (UiTM), University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and University of Science Malaysia (USM). The key and novel deliverables includes   the understanding of physiological, environmental and psychosocial variabilities in response to the trial, leading to personalised rehabilitation medicine in reversing CF.  The results of the trial will be used to develop a telerehabilitation module and its feasibility will be tested to empower trainers to deliver a community based intervention at  rural areas of Malaysia in view of preventing and reversing CF among older persons.  Cost benefit and social impact of this trial will  be captured  for the interest of policy makers and stakeholders.

To learn more, contact: Prof Dr Suzana Shahar (Email: Suzana.shahar@ukm.edu.my)