Sains Malaysiana 45(10)(2016): 1531–1536


Patterns of Injuries and Illness Among Malaysian Athletes during the XVII Asian Games 2014

(Pola Kecederaan dan Masalah Kesihatan dalam Kalangan Atlet Malaysia di Kejohanan Sukan Asia 2014)




1Unit of Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur



2Sports Medicine Unit, National Sports Institute of Malaysia, National Sports Complex

Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


3Orthopaedic Department, Hospital Serdang, Jalan Puchong, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan



Received: 16 November 2015/Accepted: 19 February 2016



Although more Malaysians are taking part in International Multisport Games, these athletes well-being at such events have not been fully explored. The purpose of this study was to examine the pattern of injury and illness among Malaysian athletes during the XVII Asian Games 2014. Clinical and socio-demographic information of athletes diagnosed with injury or illness during the centralised training camp and at the Games were recorded in a standardised report form. Throughout the study period, 83 injuries and 64 illnesses were recorded from 276 athletes. Muscle strains and tears were the most common injury followed by ligamentous injury and soft tissues contusion. The number of injuries was highest among badminton players followed by hockey and rugby. Significantly higher incidence of injuries was observed among men than women hockey players. Athletes in individual events had higher proportion of more severe injury than those in team events. Respiratory tract infection was the most frequent illness diagnosed among athletes. Most injuries and illnesses diagnosed among athletes were minor and did not result in time away from participation. The incidence of injuries and illnesses among Malaysian athletes at the XVII Asian Games were comparable with those reported by previous authors. Injury and illness rate were influenced by gender and sports. Fortunately, majority of injuries and illnesses were minor and did not prevent athletes from participation.


Keywords: Epidemiology; multi-sports games; sports injuries



Walaupun ramai atlet Malaysia telah menyertai pelbagai kejohanan sukan pada peringkat antarabangsa, tahap kesihatan mereka dalam kejohanan masih belum diterokai. Tujuan penyelidikan ini dijalankan adalah untuk mengkaji pola kecederaan dan masalah kesihatan dalam kalangan atlet Malaysia pada Kejohanan Sukan Asia ke-XVII 2014. Maklumat klinikal serta sosio-demografik atlet yang mengalami kecederaan atau masalah kesihatan ketika di kem latihan dan pada kejohanan sukan direkodkan di dalam borang laporan kecederaan/masalah kesihatan. Sepanjang penyelidikan ini dijalankan sejumlah 83 kecederaan dan 64 masalah kesihatan telah direkodkan dalam kalangan 276 atlet Malaysia. Kecederaan otot adalah kecederaan yang paling kerap dilaporkan diikuti kecederaan ligamen dan kontusi tisu lembut. Jumlah kecederaan tertinggi dilaporkan dalam kalangan atlet badminton diikuti dengan pemain hoki dan ragbi. Kecederaaan juga dilaporkan secara signifikannya lebih tinggi dalam kalangan pemain hoki lelaki berbanding wanita. Kadar kecederaan yang teruk lebih tinggi dalam kalangan atlet acara inividu daripada atlet berpasukan. Sementara itu jangkitan salur pernafasan merupakan masalah kesihatan yang paling kerap didiagnosis dalam kalangan atlet. Majoriti kecederaan dan masalah kesihatan dialami atlet merupakan masalah ringan yang tidak mengecualikan atlet daripada bertanding mahupun berlatih. Insiden kecederaan dan masalah kesihatan dalam kalangan atlet Malaysia di kejohanan Sukan Asia ke-XVII sebanding dengan insiden yang dilaporkan oleh penyelidik terdahulu. Kadar kecederaan dan masalah kesihatan dipengaruhi oleh jantina serta jenis sukan. Majoriti kecederaan dan masalah kesihatan dialami adalah masalah ringan dan tidak mengecualikan atlet daripada penyertaan.


Kata kunci: Epidemiologi; kecederaan sukan; kejohanan pelbagai sukan


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