• To build a rich database of information and a biobank that will be a valuable resource for research.
  • To provide a platform for studying the roles and interactions of genes, environments and lifestyles in various diseases.
  • To contribute to solutions and discoveries through scientific research and international collaboration.
  • To participate in international research consortiums that will accelerate the quality and quantity of research in life sciences and biotechnology.




  • To study and determine the role and interaction of genes, environments and lifestyles in various diseases through cohort studies.
  • To find out early signs of disease for cancer and other diseases by using genomic and proteomic approaches that will ultimately lead to early detection and disease prevention.
  • To develop and maintain the country’s biotechnology initiatives through a systematic discovery program through international collaborative research initiatives.
  • To set up a National Biobank as the primary resource of biospecimen and databank for national scientific community.