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Media Digital Johor. 13 May 2024. Pelantikan Dr. A. Aldrie Amir sebagai Resident Scientist Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor.

Bernama News. 11 May 2024. Reopening of Pulau Kukup Johor National Park. [Bernama] [Astro Awani]

Sin Chew Daily. 11 May 2024. 已停止对外开放4年 龟咯岛17日恢复开放.

Kelab Belia Prihatin. 6-10 May 2024. Kampung Sungai Melayu Mini Expedition.

UPM Webinar. 2 May 2024. Wetlands and blue carbon.

TamoTauge Podcast. 8 March 2024. Dr Aldrie aka Brader Bakau. [YouTube] [Instagram] [TikTok] [Facebook].

Global Tiger Forum Webinar. 9 February 2024. Mangroves are awesome: Safeguarding coastal wetlands in Malaysia.

UNESCO-UKM. 20 January 2024. The Great Deal of Protecting and Conserving Coastal and Marine Ecosystems.

Sultan Mizan Antarctic Research Foundation Webinar | Webinar Yayasan Penyelidikan Antartika Sultan Mizan. 18 January 2024. Peranan Hutan Bakau dalam Memerangi Krisis Perubahan Iklim. [YouTube] [Facebook] [Instagram].

Seiko. 13 December 2023. Save the Ocean 2023 [YouTube] [Facebook].

Berita Harian. 6 Oktober 2023. Penerokaan REE perlu dipandu pengetahuan.

Bernama. 25 September 2023. From stinking landfill, Sijangkang now a popular ecotourism destination [Bernama] [New Straits Times] [Selangor Journal] [The Star 7 Oct 2023].

Bernama. 25 September 2023. Dahulu busuk dan kotor, kini Sijangkang jadi lokasi ekopelancongan [Bernama] [Berita Harian] [Astro Awani] [Harakah Daily].

IKIM FM. 24 Ogos 2023. Resolusi: Ekosistem Hutan Bakau [Facebook][YouTube]

Langkawi Development Authority (LADA). 26 July 2023. Langkawi’s Mangrove Forest.

Academy of Sciences Malaysia’s International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems Pre-TropSc2024 Conference Webinar: Protection and Restoration of Mangrove Ecosystems in the Tropics [YouTube]

Astro Awani. 3 Julai 2023. Awani Pagi: Dokumentari Sampah Melata Alam Merana [YouTube]

Berita Harian. 28 April 2023. Projek pembangunan di seluruh negara perlu ambil kira pelbagai faktor.

Kosmo. 12 April 2023. Kayu terpakai selamatkan hutan.

The Petri Dish. 28 March 2023. Expert: Treat mangroves as a special national asset.

Macaranga. 3 March 2023. Navigating the Multiverse of Forest Data

Malaysian Nature Society. 11 February 2023. World Wetlands Day 2023 Webinar.

BFM89.9 Earth Matters. 8 February 2023. Wild about wetlands Part 2: Using wetlands wisely.

Think City & UN-Habitat. 31 January 2023. Panel Forum on Nature-based Climate Adaptation Solutions for Urban Areas in Malaysia.

BFM89.9 Earth Matters. 30 January 2023. Wild about wetlands Part 1: What are wetlands?

New Straits Times. 29 December 2022. Hope for mangrove conservation.

Astro Awani LINC. 29 November 2022. The secret of why mangrove forests can save our ecosystem. [Facebook] [YouTube]

Macaranga. 28 September 2022. Reclamation Gateway to Ecological Disasters.

Astro AWANI Consider This. 16 August 2022. Wetlands: Why Mangroves Matter? [Astro Awani]

New Straits Times. 12 August 2022. Say no to development but yes to Kuala Selangor Nature Park conservation.

New Straits Times. 26 July 2022. Past efforts lacked proper planning, monitoring.

8TV Mandarin News Shall We Talk. 15 July 2022. Mangroves (Hong Shu Lin). [Facebook Clip | YouTube Live | Facebook Live]

Astro Awani. 19 June 2022. Hutan bakau: Peranan pembangunan dan kepentingan hutan bakau perlu seimbang.

New Straits Times. 22 April 2022. Invest to rebuild ecosystems.

Ecolawgy UM. 22 April 2022. Lex Aquatica MPPLC Seminar: Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation.

New Straits Times. 5 April 2022. Protecting Earth’s precious forests, water and the environment. Apa Kata Pakar: Peranan Hutan Bakau dalam Menangani Krisis Perubahan Iklim Dunia. 16 Mac 2022.

Maybank Investment Banking Group’s ASEAN Speaks Podcast. Restoring mangroves for humanity. 29 January 2022 [Spotify][][Apple Podcast]

New Straits Times. 28 December 2021. Put environmental governance at core of nation’s business.

Bernama. 11 November 2021. Is Malaysia doing enough to fight climate change?

Bernama. 11 November 2021. Perang dunia tangani perubahan iklim, cukupkah komitmen Malaysia?

Radio France Internationale. 8 November 2021. Les mangroves d’Asie du Sud-Est, immenses et méconnus puits de carbone.

The Habitat Foundation. 30 September 2021. Proudly Malaysian: Dr. A. Aldrie Amir. [Youtube][Facebook]

New Straits Times. 7 September 2021. An avoidable environmental disaster.

BFM89.9 Earth Matters. 28 July 2021. Grooving to the Mangrove Beat Part 2: Protecting and Preserving Mangrove Ecosystems.

BFM89.9 Earth Matters. 26 July 2021. Grooving to the Mangrove Beat Part 1: Mangroves Matter!

New Straits Times. 26 July 2021. Exemplary governance vital in mangrove conservation.

Macaranga Environmental News Portal. 23 June 2021. Mangrove carbon stores.

Buletin Utama TV3. 19 June 2021. Tasik Chini: Pelombong tidak gentar beroperasi ketika PKP.

New Straits Times. 16 June 2021. Reminder of crucial need to protect our forests, lakes.

New Straits Times. 22 April 2021. Restore our Earth for benefit of nature and humankind.

New Straits Times. 24 March 2021. Protecting forests, natural habitats will secure our livelihood and wellbeing.

Berita Harian. 18 Mac. 2021. Bakau dicemari minyak hanya mampu bertahan setahun.

Harian Metro. 18 Mac 2021. Tumpahan minyak bunuh pokok bakau.

Berita Harian. 17 Mac 2021. Front Header.

Berita Harian. 17 Mac 2021. ‘Belum sesuai tanam semula bakau’.

Harian Metro 17 Mac 2021. Tangguh projek penanaman semula.

New Straits Times. 2 February 2021. Protect, preserve all wetlands.

New Straits Times. 26 November 2020. Why it’s crucial to protect environmentally sensitive areas.

New Straits Times. 9 November 2020. Natural resource management key to sustainability.

Berita Harian. 4 August 2020. Hutan bakau simbol jati diri masyarakat pinggir pantai.

New Straits Times. 25 July 2020. Ban conversion of mangroves.

New Straits Times. 30 May 2020. Vital to respect ecosystems and diversity.

New Straits Times. 19 May 2020. Research drives excellence.

New Straits Times. 1 May 2020. Pandemic badly affecting nature tourism industry.

New Straits Times. 24 April 2020. Impact on mangroves.


BFM89.9 Radio Interview. 3 February 2020. World Wetlands Day 2020.

New Straits Times. 27 December 2019. Learn from our past.

Discourse highlights importance of mangrove conservation. The Star. 29 October 2019.

Finding right avenue to save mangroves. The Star. 25 September 2019.

The Star. 13 August 2019. Shortcut across states: Project will affect river ecosystem.

New Straits Times. 18 May 2019. Preserving mangroves and sustainable development.

New Straits Times. 11 April 2019. A step too late.

BFM89.9 Radio Interview. 5 April 2019. The Daily Digest: A Natural Solution to the Climate Disaster.

Preserve remaining swamps in country, urge experts. The Star. 9 February 2019.

New Straits Times. 29 December 2018. There’s benefit in them mangroves.

ConfusionBFM89.9 Radio Interview. 10 December 2018. Confusion over the conversion of Pulau Kukup’s status.

New Straits Times. 5 December 2018. Protecting our mangroves and coastal wetlands.

Soalan untuk Saintis: Dr. Ahmad Aldrie Amir. Majalah Sains. 12 November 2018.

Kuala Selangor out to get Ramsar listing for wetlands. The Star. 26 October 2018.

BFM89.9 Radio Interview. 6 August 2018. Why mangroves matter.

New Straits Times. 26 July 2018. Mass tourism hurts mangroves.

New Straits Times. 26 May 2018. They’re not legally protected.

New Straits Times. 11 March 2018. On our love affair with Malaysian mangroves.

Dr. AAA is at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen, Germany as a visiting fellow with the Mangrove Ecology Group led by Professor Martin Zimmer under the NAM-ZMT Fellowship from the 10th of January 2017 until the 11th of April 2017.


Dr. AAA delivers an online lecture for audience at the Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization, University of Karachi, Pakistan in conjunction with the International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystem.

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Dr. AAA at the Regional Dialogue on Sustainability Science: Policy to Support The Post-2015 Development Agenda. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. 4th – 5th March 2015. Credit: Nasional TV1.


Meet Dr. Ahmad Aldrie Amir: The Mangrove Ecologist. Credit: Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC).


Dr. AAA being featured in the inaugural Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC) Video Log. Credit: MAAC (2013).

IP5 All 16 082 Web

Dr. AAA at IPBES Asia Pacific Regional Consultation: High Level Forum on Biodiversity & Development Post 2015. 3rd – 6th Nov 2013. Credit: Nightline TV3.

IP5 All 16 128

Dr. AAA at IPBES Asia Pacific Regional Consultation: High Level Forum on Biodiversity & Development Post 2015. 3rd – 6th Nov 2013. Credit: Buletin Utama TV3.