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Fourth Malaysian National Economic Conference (PERKEM IV), 2009

Steering Economic Development in Global Uncertanties
2-4 June 2009
Kuantan, Pahang.

Volume 1

Volume 2

1. Financial Crisis and Economic Sustainability
1. Economic Crisis and Islamic Finance

2. Economic Networking, Productivity and Regional Balance

2. Economic Crisis and Islamic Banking
3. Inequality of Income Distribution and Regional Development

3. Financial Crisis, Liberalization and Inflation
4. e-Government and Economic Development
4. Small and Medium Industry in Malaysia

5. Social Policy and Welfare of the Community

5. Competitiveness of Small and Medium Industry

6. Poverty and Economic Development
6. Tourism and Economic Development

7. Trade and Economic Development
7. Human Capital Development, Competitiveness, Occupational Safety

8. Investment and Business Firms
8. Human Capital Development and Creation of Local Talent

9. Globalisation and Malaysia's Competitiveness 9. Entrepreneurship, Rural Community and SME in Malaysia

10. Biotechnology and Economic Development
10. Human Capital Achievements, Labour Requirement and Entrepreneurship

11. Climate Change and Agricultural Productivity 11. Return to Education, Job Mismatch and Labour Competitiveness

12. Environment and Economic Development 12. Entrepreneurship, Value System and Socio-Economic Development in Malaysia





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