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About the International Conference for Global Business and Digital Economy (ICGloBDE)

The ICGLOBDE is a conference organized by the Research Centre of Global Business and Digital Economy (GloBDE), Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, to bring together leading academics, industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders to achieve its vision of generating and disseminating cutting-edge insights on technologies, sustainability, and best practices to advance global business and digital economic outcomes.

Aligned with the vision of leveraging emergent trends for competitive and sustainable stakeholder impact, the curated research presented at this conference is guided by a mission of pushing knowledge frontiers, shaping better policies and decisions, and connecting present and future leaders across sectors.

By bringing together thought leaders and stakeholders across business, academia, government, and society to engage in knowledge exchange and debate, ICGLOBDE intends to:

  1. push useful knowledge frontiers to drive innovation and progress;
  2. inform policy and practice for competitive and sustainable outcomes;
  3. connect and nurture talent to lead future global growth and opportunity.

Through rigorous research and meaningful collaboration, the long-term vision of the conference organizers is to positively impact organizations, institutions, and society for shared prosperity through digital transformation and innovation.