Sains Malaysiana 45(1)(2016): 115118

Studies on Separation and Properties of Lumbrokinase in Pheretima praepinguis

(Kajian ke atas Pemisahan dan Sifat Lumbrokinase dalam Pheretima praepinguis)





College of Life Science, Leshan Normal University, Leshan, Sichuan 614000, China


Received: 23 July 2014/Accepted: 21 November 2014




In order to separate lumbrokinase in Pheretima praepinguis and to study the enzymatic properties, with Pheretima praepinguis as material, lumbrokinase was separated with the salting out method. Lumbrokinase activity was measured with casein medium plate method. The effect of pH and temperature on lumbrokinase activity was studied. The activity of lumbrokinase separated from Pheretima praepinguis was relatively high. Lumbrokinase activity in neutral or slightly alkaline environment was higher. Lumbrokinase had tolerance ability to high temperature, with highly enzymatic activity under 60 and wide range of temperature adaptation.


Keywords: Casein medium plate method; Lumbrokinase; Pheretima praepinguis; salting out method; separation




Pengasingan lumbrokinase dalam Pheretima praepinguis dan untuk mengkaji sifat enzim, dengan Pheretima praepinguis sebagai bahan, lumbrokinase telah dipisahkan dengan kaedah penggaraman keluar. Aktiviti lumbrokinase diukur dengan kaedah kasein plat sederhana. Kesan pH dan suhu aktiviti lumbrokinase telah dikaji. Aktiviti lumbrokinase dipisahkan dari Pheretima praepinguis adalah agak tinggi. Aktiviti Lumbrokinase dalam persekitaran neutral atau sedikit alkali adalah lebih tinggi. Lumbrokinase mempunyai keupayaan toleransi kepada suhu tinggi, dengan aktiviti yang sangat enzim bawah 60 dan pelbagai penyesuaian suhu.


Kata kunci: Kaedah kasein plat sederhana; kaedah penggaraman keluar; lumbrokinase; pengasingan; Pheretima praepinguis



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