Sains Malaysiana 45(1)(2016): 79–86

Relative Abundance and Growth of Male and Female Nemipterus furcosus Population

(Kelimpahan Relatif dan Tumbesaran Jantan dan Betina Populasi Nemipterus furcosus)





1Department of Biotechnology, Kulliyyah of Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia


2Department of Marine Science, Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,

Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia


3Institute of Oceanography and Maritime Studies, IIUM, Kg. Cherok Paloh, 26160 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia


4Department of Fisheries, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh


Received: 20 June 2014/Accepted: 18 November 2014



A study was conducted to understand the relative abundance and growth of male and female Nemipterus furcosus population in the Pahang coastal water, Malaysia. The sampling was done monthly for a period of one year. A total of 1446 fish specimens were studied in this research. The results showed that male N. furcosus population was significantly more than female (p<0.01) N. furcosus population. The growth coefficient (b value) varied between 2.6808 and 3.2396 for male and 2.0926 and 3.2838 for female N. furcosus. The growth co-efficients of male N. furcosus were significantly different than the growth co-efficients of female N. furcosus in all months (p<0.05). They showed negative allometric growths in February- June and September. Female N. furcosus showed positive allometric growths in November-January and August. Isometric growths of female were observed only in October and July. As for male N. furcosus, negative allometric growths were observed in March-June, November and January. Male N. furcosus showed positive allometric growths in August, September, October, December and February. Male N. furcosus showed isometric growth only in July. The overall mean condition factor of male and female was statistically similar (p>0.05). The condition factor (K) ranged from 1.2559 to 1.3917 for male while 1.2503 to 1.3926 for female N. furcosus. Overall, higher mean condition factor was observed in smaller fish of both sexes. This study is useful for policy makers and fishery biologists for sustainable fishery management in the Pahang coastal water, Malaysia.


Keywords: Condition factor; growth; Nemipterus furcosus; Pahang Coastal water; relative abundance




Suatu kajian telah dijalankan untuk memahami kelimpahan relatif dan pertumbuhan jantan dan betina populasi Nemipterus furcosus di pesisir pantai Pahang, Malaysia. Persampelan dilakukan setiap bulan untuk tempoh satu tahun. Sebanyak 1446 spesimen ikan dikaji dalam kajian ini. Hasil kajian menunjukkan bahawa populasi jantan N. furcosus adalah jauh lebih banyak (p<0.01) daripada populasi betina N. furcosus. Pekali pertumbuhan (nilai b) adalah antara 26808 dan 32396 untuk jantan dan 20926 dan 32838 untuk betina N. furcosus. Pekali pertumbuhan jantan N. furcosus berbeza secara ketara daripada pekali pertumbuhan betina N. furcosus dalam semua bulan (p<0.05). Mereka menunjukkan pertumbuhan alometrik negatif dalam bulan Februari-Jun dan September. N. furcosus betina menunjukkan pertumbuhan alometrik positif pada bulan November-Januari dan Ogos. Pertumbuhan isometrik betina telah diperhatikan hanya pada bulan Oktober dan Julai. Bagi N. furcosus jantan, pertumbuhan alometrik negatif diperhatikan pada Mac-Jun, November dan Januari. N. furcosus lelaki menunjukkan pertumbuhan alometrik positif pada bulan Ogos, September, Oktober, Disember dan Februari. N. furcosus jantan menunjukkan pertumbuhan isometrik hanya pada bulan Julai. Min keseluruhan faktor keadaan jantan dan betina adalah sama secara statistik (p>0.05). Keadaan faktor (K) adalah antara 12559-13917 bagi jantan manakala 12503-13926 untuk N. furcosus betina. Secara keseluruhan, min faktor keadaan diperhatikan lebih tinggi pada ikan yang lebih kecil untuk kedua-dua jantina. Kajian ini berguna bagi pembuat dasar dan ahli biologi perikanan bagi pengurusan perikanan yang mapan di pesisir pantai Pahang, Malaysia.


Kata kunci: Faktor keadaan; kelimpahan relatif; Nemipterus furcosus; pertumbuhan; pesisir pantai Pahang


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