A vibrant university-industry partnership has been observed in developed countries and same as in the increasing trend in developing countries. The benefits of such partnership are numerous but the most notable it facilitates flow of knowledge and learning process among partners. It also attracts prospects of new research funds, more action research oriented, enhance innovation and new ingredients in research development. In Malaysia, the need to escalate the collaboration between universities and the industry to the next level has been highlighted in the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2015-2025. This includes collaborative efforts in various programmes such as apprenticeships, hands-on training, real life simulations, research and training.

MALAYSIA’S palm oil industry has experienced big advancements over the last 100 years. Being one of the biggest producers and exporters of palm oil and palm oil products, there has been enormous progress to the whole industry to date. Big credit comes from research effort in all value chain aspect of the industry. The establishment of Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia in 1970, now known as Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) has made strategic contributions to chart the success of palm oil industry through its research endeavour. One of the effective R&D programs is through the knowledge transfer elements gauged from the university-industry smart partnership. This effort has been formalized through the MPOB-UKM Endowment Chair in Oil Palm (MPOB-UKM Chair), which was officially launched on July 5, 2012, at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, one of the research universities in Malaysia. The mission of MPOB-UKM Endowment Chair is to contribute to sustainable economic development of oil palm industry through research, collaboration and partnership, as well as human capital development and dissemination of information.

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