Future Thinking on DRR: Disaster Risk Reduction, Reflection of the Past and the Present

UNESCO, UNDRR, UNDP Accelerator Lab, and U-INSPIRE Alliance are implementing a series of activities on Future Thinking on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience. This series of activities aims to leverage the collective intelligence and frontiers thinking of the youth and young professionals to have new ideas, concepts, and frameworks for disaster risk reduction and resiliency in 2045. The year of 2045 reflects more than 50 years after the 1st World Conference on DRR (Yokohama 1994) and 30 years after the last World Conference on DRR which was the 3rd World Conference on DRR (Sendai, 2005). The year 2045 is 24 years from now in which by then the current youth and young professionals will be between 41-64 Years old which we can expect they will be in leadership positions.

The series of activities consist of Webinars, Futures Literacy Laboratory on DRR, and Let’s Talk DRR that will be organized throughout 2021. The objective is to provide a venue and encourage the youth and young professionals to voice and contribute their views and thoughts on disaster risk reduction and resiliency at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bali, in May 2022. To discuss the future, we must also understand the decisions of the past.

This first webinar will focus on understanding the past decisions on disaster risk reduction and resiliency. For more information about the Futures Thinking on DRR:

Concept Note on Future Thinking in DRR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qu3GLrgK1iThOqYlhObAOqce-aioyLza/view?usp=sharing

Concept Note on Webinar 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mK29Wuj5VCcv8z1n-8BIC0llv4gN_eIz/view?usp=sharing


SEADPRI Newsletter December 2020 Edition

Our December 2020 edition is out, SEADPRI Newsletter December 2020



  • Malaysia Launches a National Risk Register
  • Seasonal Forecasting and Monitoring of Peat Forest Fires in Indonesia
  • Understanding the International Financial Landscape for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate Change Training for the Youth and Young Professionals
  • Youth Social Entrepreneurship for Building Community Resilience
  • Malaysian Youth Perspectives on Earthquakes and Landslides in Malaysia
  • LESTARI Postgraduate Colloquium 2020
  • Lawatan Kerjasama Penyelidikan oleh Akademik Newcastle University di SEADPRI

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SEADPRI Newsletter May 2020 Edition

Our May 2020 edition is out, SEADPRI Newsletter May 2020


  • Business as usual for SEADPRI during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Flood Hazard Assessment in Astore River Basin, Pakistan
  • Youth Participation in Disaster Science Communication
  • Effective Communication through Disaster Ethnography
  • Effective Communication through Disaster Ethnography
  • A One-stop Platform for Disaster Preparedness in Nepal
  • SEADPRI-UKM Promotes Social Entrepreneurship to Build Community Resilience
  • A National Risk Register for Building Disaster Resilience
  • On-site Rapid and Early Detection of COVID-19
  • U-INSPIRE Malaysia’s Contribution to COVID-19

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