Seismic Activities in Malaysia

 by Navakanesh M Batmanathan

Are we truly safe from the inevitable? Over these years, we have witnessed the impact of disastrous earthquakes in our neighboring countries and even in our backyard. We are experiencing low magnitude earthquakes occasionally, especially in Sabah… See more

SEADPRI Newsletter June 2021 Edition

Our June 2021 edition is out, SEADPRI Newsletter June 2021 Edition


  • Selamat Datang Ketua Pusat SEADPRI-UKM
  • Dalam kenangan, Allahyarham Prof. Madya Dr Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin
  • Ketersediaan Maklumat Terbuka mengenai Elemen Keterdedahan di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Availability of Open Data on Exposure Elements in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Integrating climate and disaster risks in the National Agenda for Water Sector Transformation
  • Climate Change and Groundwater: Future Pathways for Malaysia
  • Forging partnerships for strengthening disaster risk financing
  • SEADPRI Forum 2021: Risk Science for Resilient Cities – From Concept to Action
  • Empowering Youths for Climate Action
  • SEADPRI inks MoU with GSM
  • A successful ICGEB grant for rapid COVID19 diagnosis strategy
  • Pemasangan dan Penggunaan Instrumen Pembekalan Air Ultrapure
  • Sokongan Belia dalam Sambutan Hari Bumi Tahun 2021

U-INSPIRE Malaysia

The Special Topic Group (STG) on Young Professionals in DRR and Climate Change ( is coordinated by Dr. Nurfashareena Muhamad of the International Centre of Excellence Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Initiative (ICoE-SEADPRI-UKM). The STG encompasses existing networks and regional initiatives devoted to disseminating knowledge and building capacity through research and education on DRR and climate change. Activities implemented by STG include workshops and training, joint research, exchange of research findings, among others. The STG incubated and launched U-INSPIRE Malaysia @ UKM, the platform that aims to mobilise youth and young professionals in the country on disaster risk reduction and climate change, which now links to a significant network of active youth groups in the region. With mutual aims to advance science and technology, the STG and U-INSPIRE Malaysia @ UKM will move together to support local level implementation of the Sendai Framework on DRR.