The management of SEADPRI-UKM constitutes a Pengerusi (Chair) and three Programme Coordinators (Organisation Chart). Research planning in the institute is steered by an International Advisory Panel. Researchers in SEADPRI-UKM include International Fellows, National Fellows and Core Research Fellows. The SEADPRI-UKM are supported by teams of Management Support System in running the institution and Research Support System for its research arm.

Programme Coordinators

  • Programme Chair: Professor Dr. Sharifah Zarina Syed Zakaria
    • Climatic Hazards: Professor Dr. Joy Jacqueline Pereira
    • Technological Hazards: Dr. Tan Ling Ling
    • Geological Hazards: Dr. Lim Choun Sian


  • Noor Shafirah Ramli


Associate Research Fellows
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