Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Initiative (SEADPRI-UKM)


Engineering Geology of Rock Slopes

Two Days Short Course on Engineering Geology of Rock Slopes

Date: 20-21 December 2011 (Status: Completed, updated with photos during the event)
Venue: Puri Pujangga, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor

The course includes 1-day Lecture and 1-day Fieldtrip.

The needs for a better understanding of the challenges to the sciences and engineering geology of rock slopes in tropical climate is crucial, considering to date there are numerous unaddressed issues related to environment safety and engineering sustainability exist. Issues on the influence of geological parameters to rock slope stability are often overlooked or simply ignored due to misinterpretation of ground conditions and inadequacy of geological input. The focus of this short course revolves around the engineering geology of rock slopes in Malaysia.

This Professional Short Course is an initial effort by the IGM to provide some of the fundamentals and an overview of the various techniques and applications of Geology, Engineering Geology and Geomechanics from the standpoint of experienced practising geologists for rock slope engineering. In this short course, the participants will be exposed to the geological features and parameters that need to be observed, measured, mapped or recorded from a given area/rock slope; methods and techniques for rock slope field data collection and analyses, and most importantly geological data presentation and reporting, so that the information provided is meaningful to the end users. Examples of case studies from various projects provide clearer pictures on the subject matter, issues and challenges facing the geologists. Slope Designers, Geotechnical Engineers, Policy Makers, Developers, Planners, Engineering Consultants, Contractors, Project Owners and other professionals shall find this short course very helpful in planning and decision making for engaging geologists and assessing the anticipated outcomes from the geological studies of rock slopes.

This IGM Professional Short Course Series: Engineering Geology of Rock Slopes is organised by Institute of Geology Malaysia, in collaboration with Geological Hazards Programme, SEADPRI-UKM and Geological Society of Malaysia


The short course was successfully completed with 53 participation from universities, public and private sectors. Please browse to album for photos during the event.