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This is the 1st Symposium on Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology organized by Fuel Cell Institute (SELFUEL) with co-organized by The Malaysian Association of Hydrogen Energy (MAHE)









Bangi Resort Hotel






01. Welcome to SFCHT 2019



Energy is the most important resource for the development of a country.  The generation of energy by clean, efficient and environmentally sources is the major challenge to reduce the fossil fuel usage and climate change. The production of sustainable energy sources will not only benefit the country and the community, but will also have a good impact from various aspects.

While there are various sources of energy, fuel cell and hydrogen energy with promising technologies can produce electricity generation and storage with the advantage of producing almost no pollution. This technology can be applied to make sustainable transportation, renewable electricity generation and energy saving for homes, buildings and manufacturing. There are various problems in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, including cost, durability, reliability, system size, thermal and water management, improvement in heat recovery system and many others.

They have made vast improvements and their technologies are currently on the upward move, but there is still a long way to go before they can be as cost competitive as fossil fuels. Close collaboration, cooperation, and coordination between social scientists, climate and energy experts, and policymakers across all sectors of the energy systems can accelerate innovation and drive the most promising ideas to the marketplace.

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