I am a professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution at the Department of Earth Sciences and Environment, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; and a fellow of Malaysian Academy of Science (FASc). I completed my BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Environmental Chemistry (Air Pollution) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and my PhD at the School of Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. I was a Deputy Dean (Postgraduate) at Faculty of Science and Technology (2018-2020), Deputy Director at Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI, UKM) (2015-2018), Head Centre for Tropical Climate Change System (IKLIM), Institute for Climate Change (2013-2014) and Head of Environmental Science Programme (2010-2013). My main research work include the composition of atmospheric aerosols from various backgrounds including sea surface microlayer (SML). I also work on the composition of gases particularly surface ozone and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere. My research group has been working closely with government agencies in Malaysia such as Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) and Malaysian Meteorological Department (Met Malaysia). At the international level, I actively involve with research community within Asian continent trough International Global on Atmospheric Chemistry- Monsoon Asia (IGAC-Mango) project. In 2018 I have been appointed as one of the scientific steering committees for Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS). In 2018 I received the Top Research Scientist Malaysian (TRSM) Award from Academy Science Malaysia for for my research and publication.

Research Interests:

  • Composition of atmospheric aerosols
  • Atmospheric surfactants
  • Source apportionment of atmospheric pollutants
  • Surface ozone and volatile organic carbons (VOCs)
  • Aerosols and VOCs from sea-surface microlayer


  • UKM Bitara Award 2019
  • Academy of Science Malaysia Top Research Scientist Malaysia (TRSM) Award 2018
  • Publication Award for Q1 and Q2 Journal Articles, Faculty of Science and Technology, UKM 2016
  • Publication Award for Articles with the Highest Comulative Impact Factor, 2017, Faculty of Science and Technology, UKM 2017
  • Best Poster Award, JSPS-ACP Conference 2016, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Excellent Service Award, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia , 2009, 2013
  • Gold Medal in International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (i-ENVEX) and Malaysian International Young Inventors Alympiad (MIYIO) 2012 (Supervisor)

Latest Publication

Hassan, H., Latif, M.T., Juneng, L., Amil, N., Khan, M.F., Yik, D.J., Abdullah, N.A., 2020. Interaction of PM10 concentrations with local and synoptic meteorological conditions at different temporal scales. Atmospheric Research 241. (IF, 4.114, Q1)

Jud, M.A., Juneng, L., Tangang, F.T., Latif, M.T., Chung, J.X., Ahamad, F., 2020. Madden Julian oscillation modulation for surface ozone in Peninsular Malaysia. Atmospheric Environment 233.(IF, 4.012, Q1)

Dahari, N., Latif, M.T., Muda, K., Hussein, N., 2020. Influence of meteorological variables on suburban atmospheric PM2.5 in the southern region of peninsular Malaysia. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 20, 14-25. (IF: 2.735, Q2).

Hamid, H.H.A., Latif, M.T., Uning, R., Nadzir, M.S.M., Khan, M.F., Ta, G.C., Kannan, N., 2020. Observations of BTEX in the ambient air of Kuala Lumpur by passive sampling. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192. (IF: 1.959, Q3)

Khan, M.F., Hamid, A.H., Rahim, H.A., Maulud, K.N.A., Latif, M.T., Nadzir, M.S.M., Sahani, M., Qin, K., Kumar, P., Varkkey, H., Faruque, M.R.I., Guan, N.C., Ahmadi, S.P., Yusoff, S., 2020. El Niño driven haze over the Southern Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo. Science of the Total Environment 730.(IF: 5.589, Q1)

Latif, M.T., Bandala, E.R., Rodrigo-Comino, J., 2020. A New Decade in Air, Soil and Water Research: New Challenges and Environmental Issues to Be Discussed. Air, Soil and Water Research 13.

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Mohyeddin, N., Samah, A.A., Chenoli, S.N., Ashfold, M.J., Mead, M.I., Oram, D., Latif, M.T., Sivaprasad, P., Mohd Nor, M.F.F., 2020. The effects of synoptic and local meteorological condition on CO2, CH4, PM10 and PM2.5 at Bachok Marine Research Station (BMRS) in Peninsular Malaysia. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics. Article in Press (IF1.656, Q3)(

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Sopian, N.A., Jalaludin, J., Mayusi, T.Z.A.T., Latif, M.T., 2020. Increased chromosomal damage among children in proximity to an industrial zone. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 20, 944-955. (IF: 2.735, Q2)

Vinjamuri, K.S., Mhawish, A., Banerjee, T., Sorek-Hamer, M., Broday, D.M., Mall, R.K., Latif, M.T., 2020. Vertical distribution of smoke aerosols over upper Indo-Gangetic Plain. Environmental Pollution 257. (IF: 5.714, Q1)

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