UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute

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Principal Investigators

Professor Sarah Lewington
(Principal Investigator, UK)


Professor Sarah Lewington co-leads the “Large-scale observational studies in diverse populations” within the MRC’s Population Health Research Unit (PHRU). She is the Oxford-based  principal investigator for large cohort studies conducted in Russia (200K participants), Cuba (150K  participants) and India (500K participants). She has published >100 articles which have >22,000  citations (Scopus h-index, 43).


Co-Investigators University of Oxford 

Associate Professor Naomi Allen

Associate Professor Naomi Allen is Senior Epidemiologist for UK Biobank, which is currently  performing an imaging sub-study of DXA and MRI imaging in 100,000 participants. She also has  research interests in the role of adiposity in cancer development. She has published >300 articles  that have been cited >19,000 times (Scopus h-index, 78)


Associate Professor Jonathan Emberson


Associate Professor Jonathan Emberson is a senior statistician and epidemiologist and is the UK  Principal Investigator of the Mexico City Prospective Study (150K participants). Based at the MRC PHRU in Oxford, his research is focused on studying the causes and prevention of cardiovascular  

(and related) diseases. He has published >100 articles which have been cited ~20,000 times  (Scopus h-index, 43).

Dr Ben Lacey


Dr Ben Lacey is an epidemiologist and consultant public health physician. He is Senior Clinical  Research Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford. He works  on large-scale cohort studies in several low and middle income countries, focusing particularly on  the effect of adiposity on vascular disease risk. He has published 30 articles (Scopus h-index, 7).

Professor Fredrik Karpe


Professor Fredrik Karpe is head of OCDEM and founded the Oxford Biobank which has a large  DXA-based cohort (n=5,500). His research has been in human metabolism in relation to obesity,  type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He has published >200 articles which have >26,000  citations (Scopus h-index, 73).


Co-Investigators (Malaysia)

Associate Professor Dr. Nor Azian Murad


Associate Professor Dr. Nor Azian Murad is a Research Fellow at UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute  (UMBI). Her research interest is in non-communicable diseases focusing on genetic predisposition  as well as gene-environment interaction. She has published 25 articles (Scopus h-index, 5).

UKM Sarjana

Professor Rahman Jamal


Professor Datuk Dr A Rahman A Jamal is the principal investigator for The Malaysian Cohort study. His research has involved Genetic Markers of Cancer, Cancer Proteomics, Paediatric Hematological Disorders (Thalassemia and Leukemia), Stem Cell Therapy, Microgravity Science, Cancer and Microbiome. He has published 131 research articles (Scopus h-index, 20) of which 20 have been from The Malaysia Cohort.

UKM Sarjana

Associate Professor Dr. Norlaila Mustafa


Associate Professor Dr. Norlaila Mustafa is a consultant endocrinologist. Her research focuses on  

endocrinology diseases, diabetes mellitus and obesity. She has published 36 articles (Scopus h index, 9).

UKM Sarjana

Dr Chin Siok Fong


Dr Chin Siok Fong main research areas are in proteomics and metabolomics and she is  

responsible for performing and analyzing the DXA scan images for participants in The Malaysian  Cohort study. She has published 11 articles (Scopus h-index, 4).


Dr Noraidatulakma Abdullah


Dr Noraidatulakma Abdullah is a medical statistician and epidemiologist. Currently she is working  with The Malaysian Cohort data. She has published 16 articles (Scopus h-index, 3).