Invited Speakers

The full list of Invited Speakers.





Assoc. Prof Dr Faizal Mohamed

School of Applied Physics, UKM

Amino Acid Based Vesicle As Potential Radiosensitizer

Dr Riski Titian Ginting

Chonbuk University, Korea

Planar-Perovskite Solar Cells: Low Temperature Photovoltaic Behavior and Its Degradation Mechanism under Air Stability

Dr Lorna Jeffery Minggu

Cell Fuel Institute, UKM

Effect of Annealing Strategy on Improved Photoactivity of Cuprous Oxide Nanowire Prepared Using Facile Fabrication Strategy for Solar Water Splitting.

Assoc. Prof Dr Irman Abd Rahman

School of Applied Physics, UKM

Application of Radiation in Graphene Oxide Reduction and G/Metal Oxide Nanocomposite Synthesis.

Dr Norasikin Ahmad Ludin

Solar Energy Research Institute, UKM

Titanium Dioxide/Graphene Based Heterostucture for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell.

Dr Mohd. Asri Mat Teridi

Solar Energy Research Institute, UKM

Modify Nanostructured Materials by AACVD Method for Solar Cells and PEC applications.

Dr Faisal Mohd Yasin

Griffith University, Australia

The Evolution of the Design, Materials, Fabrication Processes and Performances of MEMS Condenser Microphone.