Sains Malaysiana 44(3)(2015): 379–386


Length-Weight Relationships of Acetes spp. Sampled Along the West Coast of

Peninsular Malaysia

(Hubungan Panjang-Berat Acetes spp. yang Disampel Sepanjang Pantai Barat Semenanjung Malaysia)





1Faculty of Engineering and Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


2Department of Pre-clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Sungai Long, Bandar Sungai Long

Cheras, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia


3Department of Biological Science, Faculty of Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Jalan Universiti, Bandar Barat, 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia


Received: 15 November 2013/Accepted: 22 September 2014



The present study describes the length-weight relationships (LWRs) of four Acetes species (Acetes indicus, A. serrulatus, A. japonicus and A. sibogae) which were sampled from offshore trawling and inshore catches along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Morphometric measurements (total length, TL and wet weight, WW) were obtained from the samples and LWRs were estimated. All LWRs were significant (p<0.05) for the four species, with the coefficient of determination, R2> 0.659. The estimated b values for LWR were 2.432-3.403. The R2 value was >0.84 when the data was analysed according to inshore and offshore samples. Male and female A. indicus and A. serrulatus demonstrated negative allometric growth whilst male A. japonicus and A. sibogae showed isometric growth type. Positive allometric growth was depicted by a combined group of male and female A. sibogae. This study has contributed to the knowledge of the offshore and inshore distribution patterns of different populations of Acetes spp. in the Straits of Malacca. It also presents a comparison of the LWRs between offshore and inshore catches of A. indicus and A. serrulatus, with the inshore catches of A. japonicus and A. sibogae, which have not been previously reported. The findings of this study would contribute to the conservation and management of this commercially important fisheries resource.


Keywords: Acetes; inshore catches; length-weight relationship; Malaysia; offshore trawling



Kajian ini menerangkan hubungan panjang-berat (LWRs) empat spesies Acetes (Acetes indicus, A. serrulatus, A. japonicas dan A. sibogae) yang telah disampel daripada tangkapan pukat tunda di luar pesisir dan tangkapan pantai di sepanjang pantai barat Semenanjung Malaysia. Ukuran morfometrik (jumlah panjang, TL dan berat basah badan, WW) telah diperoleh daripada sampel dan LWRs telah dianggarkan. Semua LWRs menunjukkan perbezaan yang signifikan (p<0.05) bagi keempat-empat spesies tesebut, dengan pekali penentuan, R2>0.659. Anggaran nilai b bagi LWR ialah 2.432-3.403. Nilai R2 adalah >0.84 apabila data dianalisis mengikut sampel pantai dan luar pesisir. Jantan dan betina A. indicus dan A. serrulatus menunjukkan pertumbuhan alometrik negatif manakala jantan A. japonicas dan A. sibogae menunjukkan pertumbuhan jenis isometrik. Pertumbuhan alometrik positif digambarkan oleh kumpulan gabungan jantan dan betina A. sibogae. Kajian ini telah menyumbang kepada pengetahuan corak taburan populasi Acetes spp. yang berbeza di luar pesisir dan pantai di Selat Melaka. Ia juga menunjukkan perbandingan antara LWRs tangkapan pesisir luar dan pantai A. indicus dan A. serrulatus dengan tangkapan pantai A. japonicas dan A. sibogae yang belum dilaporkan sebelum ini. Hasil kajian ini akan menyumbang kepada pemuliharaan dan pengurusan sumber perikanan komersial yang penting ini.


Kata kunci: Acetes; hubungan panjang-berat; Malaysia; perikanan pukat tunda luar pesisir; tangkapan pantai


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