Sains Malaysiana 44(9)(2015): 1241–1248


Taxonomic Diversity of Paradise Threadfin Polynemus paradiseus (Linnaeus, 1758) Inhabiting Southern Coastal Rivers in Bangladesh

(Kepelbagaian Taksonomi Polynemus paradiseus (Linnaeus, 1758) Mendiami Selatan Pesisir Sungai di Bangladesh




1Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Patuakhali - 8602, Bangladesh


2Curtin Aquatic Research Laboratory, Curtin University of Technology, WA 6102



3Department of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography, Patuakhali Science and Technology University,

Patuakhali - 8602, Bangladesh



Diserahkan: 19 November 2014/Diterima: 6 Mei 2015



The study was aimed to determine the variation in taxonomic diversity of Polynemus paradiseus based on morphometric and meristic analyses of samples collected from three coastal rivers of Bangladesh (Payra, Tentulia and Kirtonkhola). A total of 105 individuals ranging at 10-20 cm in total length (TL) and 7.91-60.64 g in body weight (BW) were sampled using Been nets and Kachal and Veshal nets. Significant differences were observed in 24 out of 25 morphometric measurements and 6 out of 10 meristic counts among the populations. In morphometric measurements, the first discriminant function (DF1) was accounted for 78.6% and the second discriminant function (DF2) was accounted for 21.4% of among groups variability, explaining 100% of total among group variability. A dendrogram based on morphometric data showed that the Tentulia and Kirtankhola populations showed high degree of overlapping and these two populations were highly different from Payra river population. The canonical graph also showed that the populations of Tentulia and Kirtankhola rivers were more closely related comparing with Payra river population for isometric condition. These findings may provide useful information for the conservation and sustainable management of this important fish.


Keywords: Coastal river; meristic; morphometric; Polynemus paradiseus; taxonomic diversity




Kajian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan perubahan dalam kepelbagaian taksonomi Polynemus paradiseus berasaskan morfometrik dan analisis meristik untuk sampel yang diambil dari tiga pesisir Sungai di Bangladesh (Payra, Tentulia dan Kirtonkhola). Sejumlah 105 individu berjulat antara 10-20 cm jumlah panjang (TL) dan 7.91-60.64 g berat badan (BW) disampel menggunakan net Been serta net Kachal dan Veshal. Terdapat perbezaan ketara dalam 24 daripada 25 ukuran morfometrik dan 6 daripada 10 bilangan meristik diperhatikan antara populasi. Dalam pengukuran morfometrik, fungsi diskriminan pertama (DF1) telah menyumbang sebanyak 78.6% dan fungsi diskriminan kedua (DF2) 21.4% daripada kalangan kebolehubahan kumpulan, menjelaskan 100% jumlah keseluruhan kebolehubahan kumpulan. Dendrogram berdasarkan data morfometrik menunjukkan bahawa populasi Tentulia dan Kirtankhola mempunyai tahap bertindih tertinggi dan sangat berbeza daripada populasi Sungai Payra. Graf berkanon juga menunjukkan bahawa populasi Sungai Tentulia dan Kirtankhola lebih berkait berbanding dengan populasi Sungai Payra dalam keadaan isometrik. Penemuan ini boleh memberikan maklumat yang berguna untuk pemuliharaan dan pengurusan mapan untuk ikan penting ini.


Kata kunci: Kepelbagaian taksonomi; meristik; morfometrik; pesisir sungai; Polynemus paradiseus


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