Faculty of Islamic Studies

كلية الدراسات الإسلامية

Vision, Mission and Objectives

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Faculty of Islamic Studies aims to be at the forefront in producing globally-minded graduates with iman, taqwa, virtue and morality who are also creative and proactive.


Aspiring to be the Faculty to ennoble Islamic Studies and Islamic knowledge nationally and internationally.


In the interest of religious, state and current needs, and in accordance with the requirements of MQF, Faculty of Islamic Studies have identified the following objectives:

  1. Graduates with iman, taqwa, virtue and morality who are well-versed in Islamic Studies and capable of applying the learned knowledge.
  2. Virtuous graduates with communication skills, capable of teamwork and are professional
  3. Graduates with critical thinking skills in solving societal issues and capable of making accurate decisions.
  4. Graduates who are capable of exploring areas corporate, governance, entrepreneurship and also science and technology.