RHB-UKM Endowment Fund


  • To enhance knowledge related to financial & banking services
  • To expand the technology driven services in business management, wealth management and  entrepreneurial
  • To support the development of knowledgeable, ethical, responsible and innovative future  managers in business.


Related programmes should focus on the current development & crucial issues in the market through:

  • Research activities
  • Education & training
  • Collaboration with other  organisations/institutes
  • Knowledge dissemination:  seminars/conferences.
Mission of RHB UKM Endowment Fund

Cultivate and disseminate technology driven knowledge in  business particularly in financial and banking services.

Through supporting human capital development with research activities and continuous skills enhancement  programme that enable future leaders to accomplish professional goal effectively thorough collaboration with industry.

Descriptions of Fund Usage
Focus Areas of Research IT Driven Services in Financial & Banking Sector

Fusion of technologies: AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Chatbots  Rising Cyber Security and Privacy Risks

Customer Centric & Demographic
Big Data,  Aging Population, Rising Customer Expectation & Experience

Changes of Political & Economic Situation  E
merging Competitive & Collaborations  Regulations

Benefits & Impact

Perpetuates the RHB’s values and priorities

  • This RHB -UKM endowment can perpetuate the RHB’ & UKM’s values in the wake of change; it can provide assurance that programs that are important to the RHB-UKM Endowment will survive. A restricted endowment can ensure organizational support for the RHB & UKM’s priorities.
  • In line with RHB Foundation’s agenda to nurturing future generations and empowering community well -being.
  • Enhancement of Brand & Image for RHB and UKM.

Collaboration Between Industry & University

  • By providing funding and tapping academic expertise through joint technical, intellectual properties and publication in IT Driven Services in Business.

Technology Has A Profound Impact on Business And Research

  • The technology changes the way business leaders do their job as well as it provides new way of doing research
  • The aim of the key areas is to enhance the understanding of the industrial service business with a focus on aspects deemed important in creating IT Driven in services and the customer value of services.

Distill Consumer Insight

  • In the new age, research and company have realized that breaking down the customer journey to understand where processes with customer behaviour, co creation in eCommerce and customer experience.

Creating digitalized service transformation blueprint

  • Digitization is synonymous with customer marketing and demand generation of customer experience.

Elevating the role of eService leader and building service community

  • Help to transfer learnings, new ideas and re-wire mindset through capability building to researchers and post-graduates studies.


Visiting Professor & Chair Holder For RHB-UKM Chair of Excellence
RHB-UKM Endowment Fund
(1st February 2023 – 1st February 2025)


Chair Manager
RHB-UKM Endowment Fund
UKM=Graduate School of Business
Research & Publication

Research Discussion with Academicians

Researchers with Prof. Dr. Ujwal Kayande
  • Prof. Dr. Norzalita Abd. Aziz (UKM-GSB)
  • Prof. Dr. Masnizah Mohd (CYBER-FTSM)
  • Prof. Dr. Zalinda Othman (CAIT-FTSM)
  • Prof. Dr. Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri (CAIT-FTSM)
  • Dr. Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain (UKM-GSB)
  • Dr. Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub (CAIT-FTSM)
  • Dr. Syaimak Abdul Shukor (CAIT-FTSM)
  • Dr. Nur Fazidah Elias (SOFTAM-FTSM)

Development of Research Proposals

  • Research Project 1: Sentiment based Predictive Model for Malaysia Post COVID-19 Tourism Industry Development
  • Research Project 2: Big Data Predictive Analytics Impact on Sustainable Performance: Financial Services Industry Perspective
  • Research Project 3: Data Analytics Adoptions in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Research Discussion with Doctoral Students with Prof. Dr. Ujwal Kayande

  • Discussion and Presentation by Doctoral students.
  • Thesis and Research Proposals.
  • Manuscripts – Articles.
  • 9 Doctoral students.