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We are dedicated to make HEALTHCOMM a lead in health communication research, particularly on policy and behavioral change. Our priority is to develop the right framework in advocating and addressing issues concerning health amongst women and children. We closely work with our stakeholders and policy makers to produce quality research with the objective of serving our communities.

We believe in creating an impact through the conduct of research that transforms the way we understand humanity and health, while addressing a range of issues within the scope. We are keen to better our understanding and develop key solutions for vital issues surrounding health communication.

Our active research

Understanding Education Delivery in the COVID-19 New Norm: A Study of Mid to Low Income Primary Schools in Selangor


To investigate challenges, health beliefs, and behaviors in adapting to the COVID-19 new norm at schools.


A quantitative approach will be applied to garner parents and teacher's health beliefs regarding the idea of sending children back to school and teaching in pandemic respectively, through surveys.

In-depth interviews will also be conducted among school teachers for the purpose of problem identification. To support this research, participant observation will also be conducted to observe the behaviors of children inside and outside the classroom.

Current Progress

For the purpose of research, we are closely working with the Ministry of Education in which the proposal draft has been presented to the MoE earlier this year for approval.

We will ensure that as the policy maker in education, MoE will be actively involved in every stage of this research. Currently, the research team has developed the research instrument, and will soon be sent to the UKM ethical committee for ethical approval once validated by the arbiter.

  • The results of this study will potentially assist, guide and inform MoE in matters such as crisis preparedness and ensure smooth education delivery throughout challenging situations.

  • To foster good relations between HEALTHCOMM and MoE for future collaborative efforts

  • High impact publication in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Q2)

COVID-19 Misinformation Related to Vaccines


To study the misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccination as well as people's risk perception and attitudes that may influence public's intention to be vaccinated.


This study adopts quantitative measures through cross-sectional survey research design in examining the effects of exposure to misinformation on COVID-19 vaccination among Malaysians and their personal-level of risk perception, attitudes, and intention to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Quantitative and survey research are selected in that the purpose of this study is to test the causal relationships and hypotheses derived from the knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) theory used under the studies.

Current Progress

As of June 2021, a quantitative survey of over 500 respondents has been successfully conducted and ready to be submitted to the data analysis phase.


This study will serve as a guideline for the government to understand misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination that can potentially influence public's intention to be vaccinated.

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