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Final Camera-Ready Paper Submission (For Springer Only)

The following information is provided to help you with the preparation and submission of the final camera-ready paper before it can be published in the IconSpace 2023 proceedings.
In order for your paper to be successfully included in IconSpace2023 proceedings, it is required that you strictly follow the following instructions:

Step 1. Your final paper has to follow the Full Paper Template in Word and Latex. The length of the final paper is 6-10 pages and A4 size, including figures, tables and references.

Step 2. Clearing rights for any third-party content prior to submission of your paper. Please refer to this link:
Step 3. Your final paper can be in Word and PDF files.
Step 4. Please upload your final paper to EquinOCS.
Step 5. You are also required to sign and complete the Licence to Publish Proceedings Papers form. Download the form HERE

Each corresponding author should print the form, enter the title of the chapter as well as the names of the authors at the top of the form and sign it. It is important to note that the details of the chapter authors (sequence, names, name and affiliation of corresponding author) given in the Licence to Publish Proceedings Papers form should be complete, final, and correspond to the details given in the paper. As this is a legal document, we cannot accept changes at a later stage and ask for your understanding in this matter.
Step 6. Please upload your Licence to Publish Proceedings Papers form (from Step no.5 ) via this link:

The similarity of your paper MUST BE LESS than 25%.  Please note that failure to follow the above instructions may result in your paper being excluded from the conference proceedings.