Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis

e-ISSN: 2600-8602
Frequency: 2 issues per year (July & December)
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Current Issue: Volume 16(2), Dec 2020
Forthcoming issue: JQMA 17(1), July 2021
Previous issues (ISSN: 2600-8599; 1823-5670)

*** Call for Papers for JQMA 17(1), July 2021 ***
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*Manuscript(s) should be submitted by 31th May 2021 to be considered for publication in JQMA 17(1) 2021

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis (JQMA) aims to select and publish, through double-blind peer-review, the highest quality research articles in theoretical and applied research in the field of multidisciplinary sciences, particularly those which relate to mathematical sciences, quality, productivity and performance measurement. Priority is given to those articles which satisfy the main scope of the journal, and have an impact in the research areas of interest in Malaysia and worldwide.

The Journal publishes manuscripts written in English or Malay. Manuscripts submitted to the journal should be original contributions, and must not have been previously published, or be under consideration simultaneously by any other publication.

JQMA is indexed and abstracted in MyCite, MyAIS, ISC, ADL and Google Scholar.

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