Jabatan Seni Bina dan Alam Bina

All students were given a studio. In UKM architecture studio divided by years of study. This means there are 5 studios all, from Year 1 to Year 3 and 2 postgraduate studio. Generally, each student gets a set of painting and drawing tools table. Each studio is overseen by studio-master and their tutors – each. Lectures also usually done in the studio or the area around the Student Center



This workshop is one of the workshop under Department of Architecture and Built Environment, which is used by Architecture students for teaching and learning related. The workshop is equipped with a complete tool for testing – specific tests carried out in connection with concrete aspects and strengths, as well as learning about materials and construction technologies

Department of Architecture has a small computer lab is equipped with a basic but adequate. The lab is also commonly used for study and rendering as internet access and Wi-Fi is very good. This laboratory has always been a prime spot for students to find all the information and information related to their learning process. For students of Architecture, the more it is used to learn and apply research to field application specific computer like design, general package of 2D and 3D, and so on

The workshop was used by the students to make the work of carpentry


This item is intended to showcase the students’ work that are related to Architecture event as a design project, collaboration consolation, and so on for the purpose of exhibition in the gallery


The JSAB archives is committed to be the best knowledge and resource center for the department, which is equipped with modern services and technology access, particularly to reference the final year students to complete their thesis. The complex is located on the ground floor, opposite the FKAB Gallery.

 This space is one important place for architecture students to make presentation criticism, lectures, and outdoor activities

This are is important for postgraduate research architecture students for experiment and research purposes