Jabatan Seni Bina dan Alam Bina

Vision, Mission and Quality Policy of PTj

Program Philosophy:

To be an academic institution known globally for its excellence, as a center of professional learning, as well as to generate research and development based on National Identity Architecture’.

The program brings national agenda where it is upholding the Malay language and universal architectural knowledge molding the local culture as the main niche program.

To achieve that vision, the following strategies have been outlined namely:

  • Community: Community as the main patron of architecture by taking into account the aspects of bridging community ties, increasing the level of safety, reducing the level of emotional disturbance and improving the level of quality of community health in the design produced.
  • Sustainability: The application of sustainable elements that cover aspects of climate, energy, materials and economy in architectural design
  • Heritage: Preserving, appreciating and applying the architectural heritage of Malaysia in architectural design
  • Morals & Ethics: Awareness of moral and ethical values related to the belief system and culture of Malaysian society in architectural design


PTj Objectives (Creation and Establishment)

The objective of the department which was established in 2003 to produce graduates in the field of architecture that seeks to develop the knowledge of the built environment that emphasizes human values, the place and the time factor, elevate the art and architecture of Malay as a guide in the development of the built environment, generating useful technologies to society, and internationalizing its image and contribution to the global community.