Seminar Sustainable Crop Management and Production


This is a University-Industry Event designed to showcase the expertise of researchers from the Sustainable Crop Management & Improvement Cluster at the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Faculty Science and Technology UKM. The Cluster was founded in 2018 and has researchers in plant breeding and biotechnology, plant-microbe interactions, plant-insect interactions and plant soil interactions. This Seminar will provide a platform for sharing, networking and collaboration between academics, students, agricultural industries and agencies. We hope that through this Seminar new R&D will ensue and that the ties between industry and UKM will be further strengthened.

We welcome talks for collaboration that maybe addressed to

3MT Thesis Competition

We are also thrilled to announce the 3-Minute Thesis competition on the theme of “Engineering Malaysian Agricultural Research Towards Sustainability.”

This Competition provides a platform for our postgraduates to showcase their research and communication skills while addressing the challenges faced by our nation’s agricultural sector. 

So, gather your research, sharpen your communication abilities, and be part of this event that celebrates the fusion of engineering the agricultural research towards sustainability in Malaysia.