Sains Malaysiana 32: 157-169 (2003)                                                                                           Sains Hayat /

Life Science


In-vitro Digestibility and Functionality of Heated

and Defated Oilseed Flours



Muhammad Ashraf Chaudry, Nizakat Bibi,

Amal Badshah & M. Jamil Qureshi






Defatted oilseed protein flours of soybean (DSYF), rapeseed (DRF), sunflower (DSF) and peanut (DPF) were heated in an electric oven at 100oC for 5 and 10 minutes. Maximum nitrogen solubility (NS) was recorded in DPF (72%). The NS was decreased as a result of heat treatment in case of DRF and DSF. The in-vitro digestibility (IVD) decreased in DPF and no effect was found on IVD of DSYF samples. In case of DSF samples increase in IVD was more at 5 minutes treatment than that of 10 minutes treatment. Maximum foaming capacity (FC) was observed in DSF (66.5 ml/g) and minimum in DRF (56.0 ml/g) in unheated samples. No effect of heat treatment was found on FC of  DRF samples and FC increased in case of DSF samples.  In case of DRF, very little effect was noted on FC.  Heat treatment had an overall increasing effect on oil absorption, however, more reduction in oil absorption capacity was found in DSF and DPF than DRF and DSYF.  It was concluded that certain functional properties can be enhanced by heat treatment while others can be decreased which might be beneficial for specific product formulation.





Tepung minyak bijian nyahlemak kacang soya (DSYF), rapeseed (DRF), bunga matahari (DSF) dan kacang tanah (DPF) diberi perlakuan haba dan dipanaskan dalam ketuhar elektrik pada suhu 100°C selama 5 dan 10 minit. Kebolehlarutan nitrogen (NS) maksima telah direkodkan dalam DPF (72%). Pengurangan NS hasil perlakuan haba didapati pada sampel DRF dan DSF. Keboleh-hadaman secara in-vitro (IVD) berkurangan dalam DPF tetapi tiada kesan bagi sampel DSYF. Bagi sampel DSF, peningkatan IVD didapati lebih banyak bagi perlakuan haba selama 5 minit berbanding perlakuan haba selama 10 minit. Kapasiti penyabunan (FC) maksima didapati dalam sampel DSF (66.5 ml/g) dan minima dalam sampel DRF tanpa perlakuan haba (56.0 ml/g). Tiada kesan perlakuan haba didapati ke atas FC bagi sampel DRF dan FC meningkat bagi sampel DSF. Di dalam kes DRF, kesan tersebut adalah sangat kecil. Perlakuan haba memberikan kesan peningkatan keseluruhan bagi penyerapan minyak, bagaimanapun lebih banyak pengurangan dalam kapasiti penyerapan minyak didapati dalam sampel DSF dan DPF berbanding DRF dan DSYF. Kesimpulannya, didapati ada ciri berfungsi tertentu yang boleh diperluaskan melalui perlakuan haba sementara yang lain boleh dikurangkan yang mungkin dapat memberi manfaat kepada produk formulasi spesifik.





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