Sains Malaysiana 32: 171-179 (2003)                                                                                           Sains Hayat /

Life Science


Performance of Red Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil

and Vegetable Ghee during Deep Fat Frying



Taufiq Ahmad, Shaheen Atta, Abdussattar, Anwar Ahmad

Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

Peshawar, Pakistan


Saeed Ahmad Nagra

 Institute of Chemistry

University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan





Three types of fats, red palm oil (RPO), sunflower oil (SFO) and vegetable ghee (VC) were used for repeated deep fat frying of potato fillets (French fries) for 5 consecutive days @ 20 minutes per day at 190-200oC and then allowed to cool for 18 hours. This practice was repeated for 10 times. The test oils were evaluated for physical and chemical deterioration. The quality indices i.e. peroxide value (POV), free fatty acid (FFA), anisidine value (A V), iodine value (IV) and colour (OD at 420 nm) of the samples were measured. It was found that all the quality parameters significantly (p<0.05) increased as frying time was advanced, while a reverse trend regarding IV was observed in each test oil. However, colour was negatively correlated with PO V, FFA and A V but positively with IV in case of RPO.





Tiga jenis lemak, minyak sawit merah (RPO), minyak bunga matahari (SFO) dan minyak sapi dari sayuran digunakan untuk penggorengan menggunakan minyak banyak yang dilakukan berulangkali untuk kentang jejari goreng (French Fries) selama 5 hari berturut-turut @ 20 minit bagi setiap hari pada suhu 190-200oC dan dibiarkan menyejuk ke suhu bilik selama 18 jam. Minyak yang digunakan dinilai bagi kerosakan dari segi fizikal dan kimia. Kualiti sampel diukur melalui penunjuk seperti nilai peroksida (PO V), asid lemak bebas (FFA), nilai anisidin (AV), nilai iodin (IV) dan warna (OD pada 420 nm). Hasil mendapati kesemua parameter kualiti meningkat secara signifikan (p<0.05) dengan pertambahan masa penggorengan, manakala trend sebaliknya bagi nilai iodin (IV) didapati bagi setiap minyak ujian. Walau bagaimanapun, ciri warna berkorelasi secara negatif dengan POV, FFA dan AV tetapi secara postitif dengan IV dalam kes RPO.





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