Muzium Sejarah Alam

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


The Geological Museum was launched in 1990. Since the establishment of the Geological Department in conjunction with the establishment of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia itself in 1970, efforts to develop this museum took time to complete, especially the collection of local mineral, rock and fossil samples. 

To date, the total number of samples collected is over 7000 samples covering the Geological Museum, Geological Gallery and Rock Archives.


The launching of the Geological Museum was completed by the Vice Chancellor of UKM, Prof. Tan sri Dato ‘Abdul Hamid Hj. Abdul Rahman on 11 December 1990 equivalent to 24 Jamadilakhir 1411. The effort to establish a geological museum was started by Dr. Basir Jasin (former lecturer) and continued by several geological academics such as Dr. Kamal Roslan Mohamed and Prof. Che Aziz Ali |


The Geological Museum was established with the aim of collecting samples in the field of geology, especially unique samples of a local nature to best represent the geological distribution in Malaysia. The goal of the Geological Museum is to become the most complete reference center in Malaysia and get at least Malaysia Book of Record recognition in the near future.


To be a complete museum and gallery as a reference center and understand the geological process in Malaysia