Muzium Sejarah Alam

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Unit Unit of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKMSB) is one of the units under the Natural History Museum, Faculty of Technology Science. 

This unit serves as a conservation center and preservation of plant genetic resources such as paddy, fruits and vegetables in particular used in research in UKM.

This unit keeps various types of crop access including traditional varieties, wild varieties, modern cultivars and biakasonic droplets. To date, for paddy crops alone, UKMSB has more than 100 traditional varieties, 50 modern cultivars, and more than 600 droplets.

Additionally, UKMSB also has over 25 chili accesses, 30 salad access, 30 accessi tails, 10 nut access, and various vegetable access and other fruits. These accessories are obtained through research activities, field work and seed sharing with individuals / research institutions / education from within and outside the country.



UKMSB was formally established by 2020 under the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology and subsequently placed under the FST Natural History Museum. UKM. However, efforts to preserve and conserve the genetic resources of plants in UKM have begun since the Faculty of SCIIC SCIENCE in 1970 where research activities were then focused on the accumulation of plant genetic resources for research purposes. This collection is stored in various forms of either UKMSB and in the Gene Bank in the field (Field Gene Bank).


UKMSB has the goal of becoming a recognized seed bank at the national level in the preservation and conservation of plant genetic resources as well as supporting research activities related to food and food safety.


  1. To collect, preserve, identify, characterize and evaluate the collection of plant genetic resources, 
  2. To support the research and development activities related to food security and food security, 
  3. To document information regarding the collection of plant genetic resources that are in UKMSB, 
  4. To Supports the sharing of plant genetic resources and information on plant genetic resources that are in the UKMSB