Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the UKM News Portal?

    The UKM News Portal is the official in-house news website operated by the News section of the Centre for Corporate Communications.

  2. Where can I find it?

    Surf over to

  3. Why was it set up?

    It was started to inform the general public at home and abroad about current news developments and events pertaining to the university, especially in research and scientific studies. It also does interviews, records some of the official declarations and commemorations which are deemed to be landmark statements

  4. When was it set up?

    It was inaugurated in 2010

  5. What are the contents?

    Basically the news portal is divided into campus news, Research briefings and Video recordings. Campus news deals mainly with official events, functions and public lectures, while research news are reports about the studies and analysis as well as breakthrough discoveries made by UKM researchers. The video clips are about the above mentioned items including Inaugural and Public Lectures.

  6. Who is responsible for it?

    Journalism staff and reporters under the Centre for Corporate Communications are tasked with covering events, doing interviews and reporting news-worthy items about UKM on the portal.

  7. Are there other contributors other than the staff journalists?

    Yes, there are occasional contributions from academic and support staff from the faculties and centres who help report on events as there is a limited number of staff reporters on hand to cover the many official functions at the Bangi and Kuala Lumpur campuses, as well as locations far beyond the Klang Valley.

  8. Are the Mainstream Media involved?

    Media from outside UKM have often sourced content from the UKM News Portal with permission and giving credit, when they find our reports interesting, or missed UKM events. On the other hand, we rarely use their reports unless quoting sources.