Centre for Engineering Education Research

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

History Background

The Centre for Engineering Education Research (P3K) was established in March 2009 and was headed by Prof. Dr. Azami Zaharim. The purpose of establishing the centre is to generate specialised knowledge and skilled human resource in the field of engineering education. Prior to the formation of the Centre, the Engineering Education Research Group (EERG) was initially established in January 2003. The idea of establishing EERG in the early 2003 came from the previous dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (FKAB), Prof. Ir. Dr. Hassan Basri. The members of this research centre consist of academicians from various educational backgrounds including academic staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Science and Technology.

The objective of this centre is to conduct research related to learning skills known as Outcome Based Education (OBE). The emphasis is on Quality Assurance based on Human Skills which is currently the latest approach in national learning and teaching mechanism. Instead of following the traditional ways of teaching, creativity and innovation are emphasized here. In addition, the research centre focuses on continuous improvement in curriculum and education. One of the major areas is on Credit Transfer and Student Mobility.