Pusat PERMATA@Pintar Negara, UKM

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ASASIpintar UKM program is a pre-university program run by Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. This program was approved during the meeting of the Higher Education Committee, Department of Higher Education on March 8, 2011. This program is for Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) graduates who have good academic achievement, high intellectual potential and talent.

The program started in May, 2012. Graduates of the ASASIpintar UKM Program will continue their studies for a Bachelor’s degree at a Public University in Malaysia in various fields of study, in consideration of their examination and faculty interview results. There are two application routes to the Bachelor’s level (since 2021); namely the application route to the UKM faculty (except the Faculty of Islamic Studies) and the online UPU application route. The decision on the acceptance of a student’s application is entirely depending on the decision of the faculties applied.

The ASASIpintar UKM program emphasizes on the holistic development of students to ensure that all physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social aspects of students can be improved. The program offers a curriculum that emphasizes a combination of theory and practice as well as research courses that can strengthen their ability to conduct a variety of research in a field of interest. The cultivating of challenging knowledge as well as the latest innovations are the pillars of the ASASIpintar program.


  • To provide an early experience to students of ASASIpintar UKM program to learn at a higher learning institution, thus mastering areas of specialization ahead of other students.

  • To establish a generation of gifted and talented students who acculturate innovation and creation while mastering skills in research.

  • To inculcate leadership, responsibility and good decision making among the students in knowledge areas and human development with consideration of high value principles and ethics.

  • To enhance a holistic human competencies among gifted students to increase their ability to contribute at national and international levels.


  • Provide initial experience for ASASIpintar UKM students to study in institutions of higher learning while at the same time leading the mastery of the field compared to other students.

  • To develop a generation of talented smart students who can cultivate innovation, invention and have the skills to conduct research.

  • Has high leadership, responsible and able to make effective decisions based on good and ethical values.

  • Improve students’ soft competencies holistically and be able to contribute to the country at the national and international levels.